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Jackie Chan has won the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award: as the Chinese people are very proud of the past, Jackie Chan felt, "Oscar rarely give Comedy Awards, and I was too far away for the president," said mr." However, at this time, a statuette is placed in front of Jackie Chan, this is his Oscar lifetime achievement award. Jackie Chan holding Oscar as one of the youngest Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Jackie Chan in an interview to reporters smiling and telling stories: "23 years ago, in Stallone’s house, saw his Oscar, I touched. Today, Stallone is here. He’s sitting next to me." Jackie Chan brought Oscar honorary president Jackie Chan took the prize to shake hands with Stallone Oscar half of Hollywood came in today’s Oscar Award for lifetime achievement awards ceremony of the red carpet, Jackie Chan a gown appeared in the media area. In the face of changqiangduanbao foreign media, Jackie Chan is particularly adept. At the same time, his arms with two extra Qiangjing panda doll. In the live broadcast, Jackie Chan and friends said: "this pair of pandas on behalf of his panda base in Chengdu ‘son’ and ‘daughter’, respectively, called Dragon and phoenix. The two pandas are also a "Promotion Ambassador" to accompany him to promote Chinese culture and charity". Jackie Chan’s embrace of two pandas to walk the red carpet, super adorable! As one of Oscar’s most important awards, today’s awards ceremony has assembled more than half of Hollywood. Many active in the line of Hollywood actor and director have appeared in the red carpet. Repeatedly won the Oscar nominated actress Amy · Adams, Amy ·, Oscar Hanmer; actor Tom · Hanks, Oscar winner Nicole · Kidman, "Deadpool" Ryan · Reynolds, the famous actor Michael · Shannon, this year the awards season hit Elmar · Stone, the famous director Oscar young, last year · best supporting actress winner Lupita · Niyongao, renowned designer Tom · Ford…… Brother Jackie Chan and the two Oscar winner Tom · Hanks a star studded list of significant components of this award zhao. Oscar has been awarded the lifetime achievement award only to lifelong commitment to the film industry, has made great contribution to the cinema film, directed by Hayao Miyazaki in Japan in 2014 had won this award. Jackie Chan is also the youngest Lifetime Achievement Award winner in history. On the red carpet, Jackie Chan’s friend, "the only Jackie Chan and actress Michelle Yeoh also appeared to strike violently" ceremony scene, it is reported that her as Jackie Chan’s relatives and friends at the ceremony, Jackie Chan sent a message. Michelle Yeoh appeared today Jackie Chan awards ceremony to send the message, there is a very large group of friends, including Stallone, Emil Chau Lee Hom, a member of other domestic and foreign big coffee line. Chinese Jackie Chan, world Jackie Chan Jackie Chan from Hollywood story than any more inspirational movie legend. In early 1976, Jackie Chan in a "snake" in Hongkong, her humorous performance, he let Jackie Chan time in the whole of Asia bursting with popularity. Jackie Chan not only created a blessing相关的主题文章: