Jack Chinese made public debut reduce Sino US Air Force Military Channel gap – Sohu-cancam

Jack China made public debut to reduce the gap – Sohu Sino US Air Force Military Channel Arsenal on October 31st news, according to the Russian satellite network on October 29th, "F – 20" will be at the Zhuhai international air show performing flight China new generation fighter "F – 20" to reduce the differences with the United States Air force. According to the Chinese "South China Morning Post" news, Beijing wants to use a new generation fighter to reduce the gap between the country’s air force and the U.S. air force. Because China is more assertive in the disputed territory of the South China Sea, it is vital for China to protect its airspace. China SCMP quoted air force on behalf of the message said that the new fighter will help to complete the basic task of the air force, protect the airspace and national security. At the same time that China air force, it will be Chinese domestic fighter first appeared in front of the public. In the 7 day of the exhibition, heavy transport aircraft Y-20 will perform flight. In an air show in Beijing, showing the advantages and characteristics of J-31 fighter, "South China Morning Post" said, this can be said to show the China aviation industry capacity. According to the state media and military observers of the statement, Chinese hope J-31 will be able to compete with the new F-35 fighter in the international market. Some analysts inferred image based on new fighter J-20 on the current Chinese will produce to be able to compete with the U.S. F-22 Raptor aircraft. Other analysts believe that China also need to improve the aircraft engine system, so as to enable them to meet the Western fighter level. "South China Morning Post" pointed out that Beijing has increased research efforts in advanced military equipment, including submarines, aircraft carriers and anti satellite missile.相关的主题文章: