Is it necessary for a graduate student to study knowledge yvette yates

Is it necessary for a graduate student to study knowledge? In today’s "ivory tower", the master is a somewhat awkward role. Many people around me are faced with similar problems: for national education, they can be described as elite, and as a professional research staff, they are just getting started academic intern". The graduate student is the transition group from the general education to the professional research, facing the life path after graduation, they often fall into confusion: is the direct employment, or continue to study? This is undoubtedly a dilemma choice. According to the Ministry of Education announced the 2015 national education development statistics bulletin, China’s graduate students in reading for 1 million 911 thousand and 400 (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), doctoral students in the school of 326 thousand and 700. And 53 thousand and 800 graduate students, graduate students of the master’s degree of 497 thousand and 700. This means that after the completion of the master’s degree study, most people will face employment, which left the field of academic research. Some graduate students to read blogs on the grounds, to relax to own request, the library less, social communication more, think to read more books than to find a good internship units, so as to future employment escort, reading has become a minor part in campus life. This view is not a case, and even gradually become part of the master’s consensus". "Read more than undergraduate treatment," "looking for work so hard, a paper than the practice certificate," "master, is to give teacher work, do not want to do", such views are not uncommon in the master in. Indeed, with graduate students enrollment, social requirements for talent is gone, a few years ago, when the high school teachers’ phenomenon, people will think it is something new, now in the big city, which has become a common phenomenon. Someone joked, "now is a doctoral graduate hall, an auditorium, a playground, students" enrollment is caused by education devaluation, in this regard, many graduate students feel anxious, many people began to find an internship from a research school, lay the foundation for future employment. But in my opinion, although the social reality is very cruel, many people grind is to find a better job, but too premature to compromise to reality, sometimes short-sighted. From the national education level, graduate students are still in the spire position, compared to 36 million 470 thousand of the total number of all kinds of higher education in the school, this group accounted for the proportion is still small. For individuals, the study of graduate students is a lifetime of reading time. Compared to office workers, they are still relatively happy, you can take advantage of this period of time to learn professional knowledge. A certain social experience while necessary, but also need to grasp the sense of propriety, can not have the order reversed. Some graduate students usually do not Study hard, until the graduation thesis writing when do things carelessly even to copy others, articles, but have neither learning nor skill, will eventually harm to others, with this attitude to work, I also do not go too far. It is true that in the impetuous social reality, reading, doing research seems to be a thankless thing, because of its input-output ratio is indeed somewhat low. No相关的主题文章: