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IPhone lost customer service calls that you said to find mobile phone account password immediately after the loss of iPhone iCloud cloud open loss mode remote lock by remote lock after the mobile phone has been unable to use the Chongqing evening news consumers know that Apple’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, if not the original Apple (apple ID account and password), mobile phone holder is not normal and use the brush. Qijiang District, there are a few people, specifically set up a studio to engage in illegal unlocking Apple’s mobile phone business, and posing as Apple’s customer service to cheat the master of the original ID and password. It is reported that the studio unlocked more than 400 mobile phones, illegal income of more than 11 yuan. In November 18th, the Qijiang district court verdict: Lou 6 guilty of illegal access to computer information system data crime, sentenced to one year to three years in prison. It is understood that this is the first case of Apple’s mobile phone account and password for the implementation of the network of criminal cases in Chongqing, for the future to combat the dangers of mobile phone operating system security network opened a precedent. At the beginning of March this year, the defendant Lou, together with Li Moujia, Li Mouyi set up a studio, engaged in illegal unlocking of Apple’s mobile phone business, and has recruited Yu danmou, Zhang, who joined the studio. First of all by the members of the studio on the Internet to undertake to unlock Apple’s mobile phone business, require the other party to provide mobile phone to unlock Apple account and the owner name, contact information. The studio use Internet phone software tampering with the caller’s contact mobile phone owner, posing as the official Apple customer service, that the loss of mobile phone has been found, the need to provide a security question to verify, to get the owner’s security question or password; then the login password is the apple official website will delete the account, so as to achieve the purpose of unlocking a mobile phone. Mobile phone unlocking can be sold, the real owner The loss outweighs the gain. Prosecutors handling the case Zhang Jian said, this is my first apple mobile phone account and password for the network crime object, involving a large number of professional knowledge in computer field, in the country there is no similar case for reference. Qijiang District procuratorate to master relevant case basis, from the illegal access to computer information system data elements of the crime, defines the connotation and extension of the computer information system data and other invasive techniques, accurate to guide the public security organs from the charges to identify aspects of evidence collection. IPhone lost or stolen password killed not said prosecutors handling the case Zhang Jian said, although this type of scam is novel, the great majority of fruit powder or deceptive, but should raise awareness. Once the Apple phone is lost or stolen, it is recommended to take the following measures to deal with: 1. Make sure that "iPhone" has been turned on in my phone "-iCloud"; 2. Immediately log on to the iCloud cloud, open the "lost mode", lock the phone; 3. Do not believe any request you provide Apple ID account and password mail, text messages, telephone; 4. Do not need to open a similar third links do not open; 5. If you use the QQ mailbox as a Apple ID account,.相关的主题文章: