Investor Relations Calls Revolutionised With Audio

Video-Conferencing Investor Relations (IR) or Earnings Calls have be.e an essential activity in the corporate sector as organisations need to announce their financial standing at a large scale. All .panies that declare their financial results for the fiscal year or any particular quarter to the stakeholders, governing authorities and other parties make IR calls. Therefore, Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) in Hong Kong have begun providing customised audio conferencing solutions to such organisations in a bid to cater to this requirement in the best possible manner. An earnings call centred on remote conferencing is considered suitable for organisation of any size, whether large or small, as it provides users with the opportunity to use a simple telephone call to make high level announcements. The conferencing infrastructure in such a case will be able support thousands of participants simultaneously, which marks the reliability of the solution. Throughout the conference call, users will not experience any dropped call or network deterioration as the network is redundant, which ensures that users will not experience difficulties in making important announcements and declaring figures. Operator assisted conferencing solutions that are customised for making IR calls are deemed perfect by organisations in Hong Kong as the users can reach out to a global audience in a professionally managed environment. An Account Manager or Event Manager takes care of all the technical aspects of the event, while the moderators or chairperson of the .pany makes the requisite announcements. The Event Manager is assigned to the clients by CSPs, who will be responsible for sending invitations and reminders to the prospective participants as well as getting confirmations. The personnel would also provide pre-call rehearsal for the event, which will help the speaker get familiarised with the operations of the remote conferencing solution. Features like polling, Question and Answer (Q&A) session, call transcription, participant count and reporting, recording, mute (individual as well as group), lecture mode and private role call are some of the crucial aspects of the conference calling solutions available in Hong Kong. Most of all, CSPs provide reports about the call, which can help the .pany gain some invaluable insight about the participants behaviour in the event. This helps professionals understand the market sentiment about them after the IR call. In any earnings call, the speaker, usually the chairperson of the .pany, is the most important person as he or she represents the organisation in front of the world. Conference calling services that are tailored to meeting global IR call standards are customised such that the event cannot .mence until the chairperson joins in. The speaker is even assigned a personalised access number to attend the meeting. However, there is provision for starting the call without him through the quick start feature, which will help .panies safeguard the event against all eventualities. Thus, audio conferencing calls can be a suitable medium of making IR calls to declare financial statements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: