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Invasion of privacy? Warriors APP suspected of tapping the phone was a user complaint – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 2nd, Fawkes sports reported that the Jinzhou warriors launched APP alleged violations of user privacy, tapping phone calls. In the past few years, the Jinzhou warriors always bring a positive image of a new look, a great team, a large MVP, free agency signings. They made every right decision, perhaps because they did hear the voices of the fans. Warriors launched the APP in order to meet the needs of the fans, so that they can get timely team dynamics and player information. However, the first two days of the federal court in San Francisco received a class action, around the warriors APP application alleged violations of user privacy, and tapping the phone. A APP user from New York, said the warrior APP uses a positioning user location, tapping phone calls to understand the user’s spending habits, even if the user does not open the case of APP, eavesdropping are in progress. The APP will ask whether the user is allowed to open the microphone, but did not specify the scope of the microphone, APP can open the microphone at any time, regardless of whether the user is informed." This APP is provided by the New York beacon technology support, the company’s chief operating officer Lauren Cooley denied the allegations in the lawsuit, the application uses as many as 1 million people, this is probably the most or all of the audio processing is local telephone users did not leave. If so, the act may not be consistent with the legal definition of the electronic communications privacy act." The warriors have yet to respond and explain. (Sohu sports exclusive)相关的主题文章: