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Netizens to Henan provincial Party Secretary and governor of the official reply message by   a total of 44 local leaders — resume of Xie Fuzhan   |  message to the Henan provincial Party committee Comrade Chen Runer     |  resume;   message to the governor of Henan province; Beijing, October 14 days ago, Henan Province in 44 message to the users of the provincial Party Secretary and governor to reply message selected as follows: [Internet message] October 3rd morning, and foreign friends to Nanyang city Henan Fangcheng County seven mountain scenic spot, the national AAAA scenic spot of the dirty, disorderly and poor, shocking. Dirty: the gate area of square garbage everywhere, nearly 4 hours after entering the area almost no 1 toilets can be used by the Department, garbage everywhere, the trash pile up like a mountain hand has a lot of days, not cleaning, almost did not see the sanitation workers and cleaning staff. Chaos: chaos surrounding environment, the entrance area near the village road was deliberately very congested, the road on both sides of the villagers with a private parking lot on the waste when the name card receipt, writing 10 yuan, paid 20 yuan, flagrancy extortion and scenic tourists, regular parking lot open door. Scenic tourist car is actually a patchwork of operating vehicles, up 20 yuan, down the mountain for $20, down the mountain to buy a car ticket queue for nearly 1 hours, the car line up nearly 1 hours, the price is high, the national AAAAA scenic spots are not. Poor: a lot of dangerous areas, there are barriers, there are warning signs, huge security risks. Answer: Friends: hello! Thank you for your concern and trust in our hometown, you received a message from the people’s daily to the provincial leadership in October 8, 2016. You reflect on the question, the Nanyang municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to instruct the Fangcheng County conducted a careful investigation, the case will now give you feedback as follows: since October 3rd is the peak travel period, the number of scenic spots more waste more, scenic area is also equipped with a cleaning staff, but because the number is limited, resulting in waste disposal is not timely, some rubbish is not timely cleaning. We are reduced area of maximum capacity, the best scientific assessment capacity, strict control of the number of tourists in the scenic spot in the holiday, ahead of the announcement the maximum carrying capacity, timely diversion of tourists. Scenic spots along the way to increase the number of bins, equipped with adequate cleaning staff, establish a civilized travel tips to promote tourism and cultural tourism tourists, tourists also a clean tourism environment. Because of traffic, leading to scenic parking lot is not enough, the next step for scenic area perfect infrastructure, expand the parking lot capacity; for Jeeves and private parking lot of the scenic area entrance on both sides of the road, the county government will set up a joint law enforcement group, resolutely banned Jeeves business charges specification kangaroo parking lot. Focus on remediation of the area surrounding the tourism environment in order to create a good tourism environment for tourists. On the scenic toilet problem, at present there are 7 scenic spots in the toilet, the toilet can not meet the needs of tourists, scenic spots increase number of ordered toilets, toilets were upgraded according to the original standard star toilets, during the holidays to arrange maintenance of toilet, in order to meet the tourists’ demand, set up ")相关的主题文章: