International Symposium on the common value of Chinese civilization and humanity held in Shandong-cibi

"International Symposium on Chinese civilization and common human values held – Beijing Guangming Ji’nan in Shandong in November 14 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xin)" International Symposium on Chinese civilization and common human values from 14 to 15, held in Shandong of Ji’nan. The Central Institute of socialism (Chinese Culture College) party secretary Pan Yue, first vice president, Shandong Provincial Standing Committee, United Front minister Wu Cuiyun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Shandong Province, Shandong provincial Revolutionary Committee, chairman of Shandong Institute of socialism (Shandong Institute of Chinese culture industry) President Sun Ji attended the opening ceremony. This seminar is jointly organized by the Institute of Chinese culture, China Confucius foundation, Shandong University, Shandong Academy of Chinese culture, to provide exclusive media support Guangming, to carry out extensive exchanges and in-depth dialogue on "Chinese civilization and the common value of mankind" theme, providing high-end platform for dialogue and exchanges among civilizations, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese wisdom contribution the traditional culture. Pan Yue stressed in his speech at the opening ceremony, held the conference in Shandong is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, in order to further implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and President Yu Zhengsheng, vigorously promote the Marx doctrine China, strongly advocating to unite all the Chinese ideological consensus of Chinese culture, promote Chinese civilization the rest of the world and the mutual interaction, for the fate of the community a better future for mankind to explore better development plan. Pan Yue pointed out that the Chinese civilization is not only the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, but also the spiritual wealth shared by all mankind. The Chinese civilization with a unique "unified" concept of human civilization, has the incomparable "inclusive" and such "introverted". Greater China culture is a common spiritual home for all Chinese people, but also the basic consensus of the Chinese people at home and abroad and the bottom line. The Chinese need to find strength from their own great civilization tradition to resolve the problem, bridge differences, consensus; at the same time, the whole world of Chinese civilization thinking and feelings, the Chinese civilization contains filial piety, benevolence, integrity, and other core values, but also provides fundamental support for the common human value of Gou Jianquan. Only the civilized world, learn from each other each other, can form a real multiple common human values; only the Chinese civilization and Western civilization together, can be more effective to create a common destiny of mankind to find the right way. Wu Cuiyun pointed out in his speech, civilization and value is the eternal theme of human society, different civilizations often contain a common value pursuit. The world civilization is flourishing, dialogue and exchanges among civilizations from. Reconstruction and rejuvenation of the Chinese civilization of twenty-first Century, need to learn from the excellent experience of different civilizations of the world, and in the construction of the great cause of human civilization, Chinese culture, Chinese Road, Chinese model will play an important role. General secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech in the inspection of Shandong delivered a strong signal to promote traditional culture, sounded the clarion call for the promotion of Chinese civilization to the world, and further enhance the cultural self-confidence of the horn. To take this opportunity to give full play to the Shandong historical and cultural heritage and rich resources advantages, further mining and elucidation of Qilu culture essence, promote the.相关的主题文章: