International Forum on the Internet of things was held-9c8836

The international Internet Financial Forum held the international Internet Financial Forum held the focus to explore the networking and financial innovation and integration of new path China science and Technology Bureau of Wuxi on 31 October, (Huang Jiafeng) in October October 31st, Guo Feng Shuo, the world exposition of things and the first international Internet Financial Forum Network in the city — the first China. Jiangsu was held in Wuxi. The central network information office communication bureau Jiang Jun, China economic information agency chairman Jiao ran, deputy director of the science and technology daily, Chinese technology network chairman Fang Hanting, chief editor of the Xin Guangwei people’s publishing house, Wuxi Municipal People’s government deputy mayor Wang Jinjian, and Ping An Bank, Minsheng Bank, Tian an insurance, China wealth fund, Guoxin Securities, China Securities Association open Xin loan, China wealth fund and other financial institutions gathered in charge of the review of the traditional financial industry development history, witness things financial practice, imagine things financial innovation in the future. The forum of the keynote speech, the opening ceremony, a major release, signing ceremony, keynote speech, precise dialogue between the four themes, politics, science, finance, enterprises, media leaders and guests to attend the summit. The aim is to promote the communication and cooperation between the Internet of things and the financial sector, deepen the financial application of the Internet of things, the development of new impetus for the release of the Internet of things, to further promote financial restructuring and industrial restructuring and upgrading. First, political, financial, business, science and seek common networking financial development of Wuxi Networking Industry Research Institute Liu Haitao Dean, Minsheng Bank China Party committee Shi Jie, vice president of the science and technology daily, China technology network chairman Fang Hanting, Shenzhen east rich sea Cci Capital Ltd chairman Chen Wei, the United States Panduit global data center director Robert Dennelly, Ping An Bank trade finance division president Guo Qiang, founder of John W. Allen China wealth fund meeting and keynote speech; Hongdou Group Co chairman of the board of directors Zhou Haijiang, Guoxin Securities chairman Ho, open Xin credit general manager Zhou Zhihan, group limited company president Zhang Kaiyong, Taiwan financial technology company chairman Wang Guolian securities at all, President Peng Yanbao, the U.S. – China fortune the fund founder John W.Allen, Cerberus (China) investment senior partner Zhu Lei entitled "not to participate in The financial development trend of science and technology in reverse, Internet Financial breaking? Accurate dialogue "; the Jiangsu provincial finance office deputy director Nie Zhenping presided over the Wuxi municipal government, vice mayor Wang Jinjian, chairman of China economic information agency Jiao ran speech. Wang Jinjian said that Wuxi is the State Council approved the construction of the country’s only national innovation demonstration zone of sensor network, through years of unremitting efforts, the city of Wuxi as a national networking industry development strategic focus, focus on city demonstration city and city industrial agglomeration, has become one of the leading national and global networking technology innovation and industrial development in the highlands. Today, the scale of the Internet of things industry in Wuxi has reached 200 billion yuan, nearly all of the Internet of things related enterprises, employing up to 150 thousand people, a typical representative of the national innovation driven development. Internet of things as an advanced and important financial innovation concept, with the continuous advance of the exploration process, will accelerate the construction of Wuxi financial + industry + transaction financial industry chain, promote Wuxi.相关的主题文章: