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In 2017 15,   began enrollment examination; recruiting 892 people in Hubei area — Hubei channel: original title: 2017 national test 15 day registration in Hubei recruiting 892 people told reporters yesterday, the 2017 annual central organs and institutions directly under the civil service examination (hereinafter referred to as "national examination") is about to begin, October 15th the online registration, more than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the management of the civil service law and unit plan Zhaolu a total of 27 thousand people, of which in Hubei recruiting 892 people, the number of recruiting year decreased slightly. National tax system to recruit up to yesterday, the official website of the Ministry of human resources and social release, the central authority and its agencies directly under the 2017 annual examination of civil service recruitment announcement and position information table. According to statistics, in 2017 a total of 15589 jobs Zhaolu national examination, 27061 people, with a history of 2016 compared to the peak, down 756, but still at the peak in recent years. Among them, there are 521 positions in Hubei, is recruiting 892 people. In recent years, the national tax system regardless of the number of recruiting or recruiting jobs, showed a steady upward trend. In 2017, the national tax system to recruit a total of 9455 jobs, 17476 people, accounting for 60.65% of the total number of recruiting jobs, 64.58%, than last year increased by 4.38% and 6.68%, ranked first. In the area of Hubei, is recruiting 297 jobs 580. As a result of the tax system has become a "big recruiting" in the national examination, economic and accounting majors are becoming more popular. The most professional job recruiting in Hubei area, is an economics major, for 373 people, followed by the accounting professional, for 351 people. Other popular professional journalism, law, computer and so on, the number of recruiting in about 100. Most of the past two years in professional positions limit the number of recruiting test continued to remain high, but from the beginning of 2012, in addition to the 2014 competition than the rebound to near 70:1, competition than other years showed a declining trend, "only one" or "one" situation does not appear. Last year, the province’s hottest jobs competitors less than 500 people, cooling trend is obvious. In Hubei Public Education Research Institute expert Zhao Xin told reporters that the party and government organs at or above the provincial level position, except some special and professional positions, all recruiting has more than 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel; Hubei even has a requirement for more than 5 years working experience. City (to) level the following positions in recruiting graduates. Register for professional restrictions also presents tightening trend. This year, Hubei area does not limit the professional jobs only recruiting 14 people, the vast majority of professional positions limit clear, this will make the candidates more rational. For the first time, the reporter saw the test of professional police position in the announcement, in 2017 compared with the previous examination announcement the biggest difference is this year for the first time the police post examination of professional subjects. Last year Hubei police wutie position into the most popular position, competitive ratio reached 496:1. This year the test of professional subjects, police job applicants or will be cool. Including the China Banking Regulatory Commission and its dispatched offices, China Securities Regulatory Commission相关的主题文章: