In 2015, Shanxi visited anti corruption, involving 251 provincial

2015 Shanxi "patrol corruption involving 251 provincial management cadres – Beijing Beijing in February 14 Taiyuan Xinhua (Ren Lina) 2016 Chinese new year the first day of work, Chinese anti-corruption heavy anti-corruption agency in Shanxi announced the 2015 anti tour record, 2015 Shanxi patrol found the problem clues involving provincial cadres 251. 14 days, Shanxi Province Commission informed that in 2015, Shanxi serious remediation inspection team, innovative inspection work mechanism, the formation of regular inspections, special inspections and inspections of the village a new pattern of "three swords together". Shanxi anti tour for the province to fight the tiger, flies made distinctions won in battle achievements, anti-corruption. In 2015, Shanxi routine inspection found that the problem leads 3228, involving 82 provincial management cadres, the main party responsible for the 30 team members, 158 people, 358 cadres at county level; the special inspection found that the problem leads 523, involving 169 provincial management cadres, the main party responsible for 54 people, 110 people of sub class members. At the same time, Shanxi on 2015, the village patrol supervision case 245, disciplinary village cadres 133 people, 20 people transferred to judicial organs. It is understood that in 2015, Shanxi completed routine inspections at the same time, and carry out a 5 round of special inspections, a total of 128 patrol areas and units, to achieve full coverage of the county, the state-owned backbone enterprises, financial enterprises, the "four plates", inspection coverage rate reached 84.2%. In order to strengthen the inspection results of the use of anti Shanxi to explore the establishment of inspection advice "double feedback, rectification Patrol" double duty "," double rectification report "," double check "rectification report, the rectification results of double open" five double "mode, forced rectification pressure, strengthen the edge edge guard, strengthen the cure effect. In 2015, the Shanxi provincial office visits to the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the transfer of 287 clues have been disposed of 154; to the Shanxi provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the transfer of 101 clues disposal 56; patrol areas and units to be the transfer of 2017 clues disposal 1971. 24 patrol units to develop corrective measures to perfect the rules and regulations 984, 528, 569 rectification, rectification rate of 87.4%. (end)

2015年山西“巡视反腐”涉省管干部251人-中新网   中新网太原2月14日电 (任丽娜)2016年新春上班第一天,中国肃贪重地山西反腐机构对外公布2015年“巡视反腐”战绩称,山西2015年巡视发现问题线索涉及省管干部251人。   14日,山西省纪委通报称,2015年,山西严肃整治巡视队伍,创新巡视工作机制,形成常规巡视、专项巡视和对村巡察“三剑齐发”新格局。   山西“巡视反腐”为该省“打老虎,拍苍蝇”立下汗马功劳,反腐成绩斐然。2015年,山西常规巡视发现问题线索3228条,涉及省管干部82人、党政主要负责人30人、班子成员158人、县处级干部358人;专项巡视发现问题线索523条,涉及省管干部169人、党政主要负责人54人、班子成员110人。   与此同时,2015年,山西对村巡察督办案件245件,纪律处分村干部133人,移送司法机关20人。   据了解,2015年,山西在完成常规巡视的同时,又开展5轮专项巡视,共巡视128个地区和单位,实现了对市县、国有骨干企业、金融企业、高校“四个板块”的全覆盖,巡视覆盖率达84.2%。   为强化“巡视反腐”成果运用,山西探索建立巡视意见“双反馈”、巡视整改“双责任”、整改情况“双报告”、整改报告“双审核”、整改结果“双公开”“五双”工作模式,倒逼整改压力,加强边巡边改,强化标本兼治效果。   2015年,山西省委巡视办向山西省纪委移交问题线索287条,已处置154条;向山西省委组织部移交问题线索101条,已处置56条;向被巡视地区和单位移交问题线索2017条,已处置1971条。24个被巡视单位制定整改措施984条,完善规章制度528项,整改问题569个,整改率达87.4%。(完)相关的主题文章: