I’m not afraid of shopping bags! Super practical handle appearance-borderland

I’m not afraid of shopping bags! Super practical handle appearance to often to the supermarket shopping consumers, sometimes buy a lot of things, need to use a large bag, a bag often carry. So now the question is, if the bag is too much, the handle will appear hand le, a long time will cause finger swelling, make people very tangled. So, in view of this situation, there is no good solution? The new shopping bag handle appeared recently, foreign designers have invented a new style of shopping bag handle, with it, you don’t have to worry about the situation there will be hand le. The handle of the use of the oval design, red, yellow, green and black four colors available. The products are made of plastic material. When using a simple way of using the handle, press the switch will open. At this time, will handle shopping bags into the ring, and then the lock will automatically lock, the whole process is very simple. A variety of different colors to choose the designer said, the handle of the bearing is very high, we do not have to worry about, amounted to 50 pounds, equivalent to the familiar units of 22 kg. In terms of price, the current foreign price is $9 per sale, equivalent to about RMB 60 yuan.相关的主题文章: