Idiotic powder released Chinese version of the poster to rekindle the youth Starchaser memory –

"Idiotic powder" released Chinese version of the poster renewed youth memory – Sohu "entertainment Starchaser idiotic powder" version of the poster "China idiotic powder" to reproduce the feelings of entertainment Sohu Starchaser landing the mainland theaters in November 2nd of the India action movie "idiotic powder" is being aggressively. Today, the film side announced a special edition of the Chinese special edition. In the "king of Bollywood" Shahrukh Khan – the figure is as cheerful as a lark, by the side of millions of our star photos consisting of posters for having heard it many times the wall, those stars and film former prime tone with a seamless heavenly robe. Between stars and fans, there is always endless topic. The charm of the superstar, paranoid and crazy groupies, the collision of two who can always passionate countless sparks. The movie "idiotic powder", renowned Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan in the film who played horns, arranged between the all stars and fans of the scenes, with great tension acting, love and hate between the star powder, and is non deductive into three points. Fans love beans and Former friends become enemies with each other. and then evolved into a multinational, action drama, all because of love is too deep. In this release Chinese Special Edition Poster, with Shah Rukh Kahn played small fans GAURAV based perspective, in front of him is a great wall poster. This section of the poster from the movie in the classic scene, Gao was a big star Arian super fans, in his bedroom, there is a poster wall with numerous photos of Arian. But in the poster, star replaced the photos of countless stars: Leslie Cheung, the US for having heard it many times Michael – Jackson, Audrey – Hepburn, Leonardo, superstar, and the tone of the film with a seamless heavenly robe. If the audience back to the era of the former simple Zhuixing, feel warm. As an action movie, "the story behind the idiotic powder" in the very dramatic and entertaining, highlights the practical significance of this piece of thought-provoking, GAURAV film changed from a young idol star pure paranoid revenge spree, a lively education exhibition now in front of the audience. The film in the sea wall classic scene, has become forever can not go back yesterday. The movie "idiotic powder" by once directed "India romance" the famous director Manish Sharma – directed, in this movie, Manish Sharma changed the old India film in the audience the impression "yiyanbuge dance" impression, story and rhythm but focus on film, in order to change the India film and stereotype. There is no song and dance throughout the film, instead of a tense plot and intense action. "Idiotic powder" is currently being aggressively.相关的主题文章: