I hope the courier three uniform dress by Beijing version of the model-magicq

Hope to express three "dress uniform" by the Beijing edition into the model with immediate effect, Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau will focus on "parking chaos, traffic violations" special treatment. City Traffic Management Bureau deputy director Li Shaoming said, for the public to reflect strong express car traffic violations, the traffic control department will require a car a tricycle courier, the courier company encoding "uniform vehicle color, the traffic control department will record the encoding in vehicle violation, the company. It can be said that if the rapid development of express industry and short delivery not just, fuel or electric tricycle would be from the city streets disappeared, now in many city to stately shuttling high streets and back lanes, most should be express transportation. In particular, the electric three wheeled, according to its environmental protection fast and convenient, almost equal to the courier companies tailored". But the drawbacks brought by the tricycle because of its special structure and performance and driving quality problems is also obviously, not only its own poor safety performance, caused by the driver causes Luantingluanfang not abide by the rules and even more security risks rampage, become the most headache for a lot of city traffic management. Therefore, although indispensable to the courier company, many cities still want to go on the road and then the electric tricycle ban fast. In fact, not only let the tricycle courier companies have a special liking, often floating peddlers and even some illegal operators love. And because it is difficult to implement effective management, not only become the focus of public complaints of many people, but also to make some local traffic management department quite annoyed. Not long ago, some places in the name of the city traffic order rectification, the implementation of the ban on the tricycle across the board, as a result of some courier companies to "express" embarrassment in a rickshaw, also lead to social tucao. The tricycle is not wrong, no punishment, no matter is no better, which makes a lot of city traffic management departments somewhat helpless, even though there are a lot of public opinion, due to the rigid requirements of the express enterprise, can be engaged in express delivery tricycles given special policy, but the proposal did not result in many places attention. In fact, this is a management problem, "Beijing special edition", for "dress uniform" tricycle courier companies "vehicle encoding" initiative, the biggest highlight of this initiative, is not how much innovation, but change the management concept, into more of the rule of law and service consciousness is the real stalls. Although including courier tricycle, tricycle in the street from the shuttle fish, not up to the national standard of the tricycle in front of a lot, but there is no other vehicle can replace the tricycle in express transportation reality, "a unified dress requirements express tricycle" vehicle encoding ", is undoubtedly the most scientific wisdom the management measures for the express company is the most effective constraint. The traffic violations in any place, or you can temporarily escape the traffic management department of the punishment, it is difficult to avoid the supervision of the public eye, then express the vehicle with the real name registration, and implement the measures for the implementation of all believe that after the traffic violations phenomenon caused by the sharp change will express little brother. In the express tricycle uniform dress".相关的主题文章: