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Hunan: School Milk survey results in transport packaging damage caused by pollution in the new network – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wu Hongli intern reporter Han Xueyan) yesterday, Hunan Huaihua Yuanling County issued the "9? 6" seven Jia Xi nine school food safety accident investigation results, caused by the students and their parents mainly due to discomfort, is the milk was tainted after extrusion, the packaging is damaged in transit. September 6th, seven a stream of some students in the school after the occurrence of abdominal pain, vomiting, eating milk, a total of 62 students and 3 parents were sent to the county hospital for treatment of nine. Yesterday, Yuanling County Food Safety Committee Office announced that the investigation group of seven Jia Xi nine school day, students and school supplies milk drinking bottled water, living water were detected, confirm the main cause of students and parents complained of abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting symptoms, is the supply of "school milk (Jin Jian" (a) nutritious meals for milk, government procurement system by way of Hunan Jin Jian dairy Limited by Share Ltd) sensory abnormalities and the total number of colonies exceed the standard (the detection of 2.7× 104CFU ml, national standard is not detected). The investigation finds that a small amount of "school milk", the total number of colonies sensory abnormalities exceed the standard is a separate individual phenomenon, the reason is the enterprise distribution of the transport vehicles excess, super layer, overpressure stacking, packing sealing for serious collision have latent damage, causes the product contact with air pollution, after drinking cause symptoms. According to the Yuanling County Propaganda Department informed, as of yesterday morning, 65 patients have been discharged, the students have all returned to classes. Yuanling county departments have been ordered to recall all of the students sent to the county student market this batch of products, and start accountability procedures, the relevant responsible units and responsible persons in accordance with the law severely punished.相关的主题文章: