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Huang Taiji was referring to the high cost of cooperation takeaway every single pumping proportion half founder Huang Taiji: high cost by half large factories shut down the shop takeaway business every single percentage of 40%-50%, is the industry generally believe that the high cost of cooperation recently, "the transformation of takeaway platform just over a year, Huang Taiji traced the factory shop closed a lot of takeaway co tenants collective home". Starting on Monday, the Nandu reporter tried to contact the founder of Huang Taiji, he Chang, until yesterday, he Chang WeChat south are reporters sent a statement and a statement. The reply said: "venture company all the way forward, very careful cautious, with difficulties and setbacks are not the only process." And this is his uniform reply to all media. In addition, he issued a statement shows that the company did shut down half of the large factory stores, because of the cost and cost. As for the transformation of the takeaway business is still ongoing, but the mode of production capacity is being redesigned and planning. Huang Taiji was founded in 2012, through the opening of the Mercedes Benz C Beijing D to send pancakes to take away the fruit and other alternative marketing event explosion, the first half of this year, there are reports that its valuation has reached 2 billion yuan in the first half of this year, the first half of this year, B. He was the founder of Baidu, where to go, Google has worked for a number of Internet Co, but also 4A advertising company creative people. 12 brand only 3 three days ago, Huang Taiji shut down large factory store news began to spread on the internet. Sources said that with its takeaway takeaway business collective Exodus, in April this year, signed a contract with Huang Taiji’s 8 brands have half of the meal from the yellow rice takeaway platform off the assembly line. 10 production centers (ie, takeaway factory stores) have closed down 5. 12 brands of Huang Taiji takeaway "brand legend" display, providing brand products only together, Huang Taiji, cattle stew 3, Huang Taiji also closed some stores under the line. In this regard, he Chang said: "this is the case, did shut down a large factory store in half, an average of more than 500 square meters, and overhead costs, since the business structure is irrational, there is no need to keep off the inevitable." At the same time, he also said, "we have closed shop shareholders and team support, we have lost the trust of investors, we just stopped a few and the landlord of the rental housing, and to fulfill the lease compensation, the landlord also applauded chenkuai." However, Huang Taiji brand stores still exist, there is no substantive changes in the brand stores and business, welcome everyone to eat delicious pancake fruit." Since its inception, Huang has experienced three transformations. In selling fruit pancake started after he Chang began to try the brand diversification, Huang Taiji launched the "rhubarb crazy" small shop, "Mr. Niu Hot pot stew stew," "never" dumplings and other brands. In the second half of 2015 and try to take away the business. Last October, the Nandu reporter who interviewed He Chang, for the three transformation, then he said "early is a single brand, the middle is a supply chain supporting multiple brands, but can not fundamentally subvert the catering industry mode, only a small range of compression cost and has." Therefore, the third stage is actually a takeaway business is expected to do well. High cost leads to theory相关的主题文章: