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Business Having read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, I understood clearly how it can be applied to so many small businesses here today. The book draws the conclusion that successful people follow a path of doing the right things in the right manner for the right amount of time. Only by examining, assessing and making slight changes to your approach will you ensure that you have this sorted. When coaching small businesses, we look for ways in which the business can be improved over a certain number of days. We analyse every aspect of the business from the moment the doors are open to when the last customer leaves at night. Everything pertaining to Time, team and Money is examined at length. Every aspect of the business is broken down into its component parts. We are looking for the weakest links. What we are looking for are areas where the introduction of small changes could have a sustained defined benefit for the business. The frustrating thing for the client and for us is that everyone wants us to have magic wand and thats not the case the changes and improvements are made day by day, step by step, measured properly. The team are educated on the process, step by step and day by day. The changes happen but few people really notice the changes. One of my clients manufactures high end bespoke joinery products including acoustic solutions. In many instances, they may go over the same work multiple times because they are striving for perfection. Why not 14 or 13, or 12? Because it needs 15 coats. Apply this same attention to the tiny things and you will have identified one of the important keys to business success. The Slight Edge is about making the correct choice and implementing this into your business all the time. Would your business pass the test if you applied the above criteria. Many people and especially business owners, are very poor at selling or putting themselves out there. Many business owners fear rejection so they prefer for Their poor advertising efforts to get the phone ringing off the hook.Then they begin to kid themselves that they have the whole thing sorted. For people to be successful, they must be proactive every day. Sales Success is achieved by following a process. Many of the steps in the process may be mundane, they may be tiresome. If you follow them you will stand a greater chance of success. You must not give up. If you need help in identifying the habits seek help let that be habit number one learn from the people who have already done what you are trying to do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: