How To Treat Hematuria (blood Urine) Caused By Stage 5 Kidney

Medicine How does Stage 5 Kidney Failure cause hematuria (blood urine)? How to treat Hematuria (blood urine) caused by Stage 5 Kidney Failure? How does Stage 5 Kidney Failure cause hematuria (blood urine)? Erythropoietin receptor, which can promote forming of hematopoietic cells of bone marrow can differentiate into proerythroblast and accelerate forming of red blood cell. At the same time, hemoglobin .position is promoted too. En-d stage kidney failure make bones sensitivity of erythropoietin receptor reduces, which aggravate anemia. Red blood cells have shorter lives because of toxins in blood. Accumulation of toxins in blood restrains hematopoiesis of bone. Gastrointestinal tract absorbs less iron, which affect forming of red blood cells. Blood platelet disorders lead to blood coagulation mechanism disorders. As a result, excessive bleeding is caused. Secondary hyperparathyroidism caused by end-stage kidney failure can be caused, which can also lead to red blood cells reduces. How to treat hematuria (blood urine) caused by Stage 5 Kidney Failure? If you want hematuria disappear, kidney functions need to be repaired. Then toxin in human body can be excreted effectively again. They can not do harms to red blood cells. Micro-Chinese medicine and stem cells transplant are your new choices to repair kidney function. Effective materials in the medicine can activate renal function cells by improving micro circulation and supply favorable environment for kidney repairing; relieve poisoning symptoms, regulate immune systems, thus controlling the disease. Stem cells transplant is the latest treatment which will repair your damaged kidneys to treat kidney diseases. Stem cell treatments are a type of intervention strategy that introduces new cells into damaged tissue in order to treat disease or injury. At present, stem cells transplant is practiced in clinic in china and Mexico. In China, stem cells are used to treat kidney diseases. The stem cells which .e from human body will be injected into kidney lesion. About 80,000,000-100,000,000 stem cells will be injected into human body. With homing ability reaching to damaged part automatically, stem cells get to the damaged kidney and produce new renal functional cells. Kidney function will be improved. Your hematuria and end-stage kidney failure can be treated by new treatment methods which do not need surgeries and bring no side effects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: