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How much gold content? To reduce the admission threshold as sub – plus Beijing with the rapid development of social economy China, this study originally social elite privilege, today has become more and more popular, showing the characteristics of civilians. Chinese students have become a huge international student group that can not be ignored in the world. Study abroad to reduce the threshold for admission as early as 2001, the number of Chinese students studying abroad exceeded 100 thousand, the total number of students studying abroad has been showing a J font growth trend. With the continuous development of social economy, studying abroad has become the choice of many ordinary people. More flexible and diverse choice of study, more open to study information, parents more open educational concept and the importance of their children’s education has also become a choice for many families to study abroad. Liu Xin (a pseudonym) now Holland Graduate School of University of Amsterdam. According to her, after graduating from college, 13 of his classmates chose to go abroad for further study. In fact, for everyone, it is a very common thing to study abroad. I was ready to go abroad before the parents said they often listen to colleagues or friends children studying abroad experience, there are many graduate students to study abroad, we also think it is logical, very natural thing. Now studying abroad in all aspects of the service is very comprehensive, through a variety of consulting institutions, can quickly understand the relevant information to study abroad and the school, which was very helpful for me to apply abroad." Liu Xin said. Chen Li’s daughter is now studying in australia. At the end of the college entrance examination, she decided to send her daughter to go abroad to study university. She said: "because the child’s college entrance examination is not enough in the country on a good university, after graduation and other peers competition will have a lot of disadvantages, so we decided to send their children to an undergraduate in Australia, hoping to use the experience of studying abroad is not enough to make up for. To this end, we also specifically looking for an intermediary, they have a number of packaging for my daughter’s learning experience, easy to apply to a relatively good school. Although there are many difficulties in the application process, but also applied to a better school." Overall, the number of Chinese students studying abroad continues to increase, the threshold of overseas study has also been reduced, study abroad experience has no longer been regarded as a life experience". Limited accumulation of environmental impact depends on individual students choose to study abroad, there are many reasons. Someone for a foreign diploma, I hope to return can be useful to find a job; some people want to improve themselves by the foreign environment, to strengthen their professional knowledge and skills with good opportunities of foreign institutions; there are people in order to understand the exotic culture, stimulate their potential and obtain a new way of thinking. In a word, most people want to get some positive and beneficial changes while studying abroad. However, the impact of foreign students in the study of foreign students really as people imagine so big? Zhang Jiaqi studied linguistics at University of Lancaster. According to her introduction, the British masters is generally a one-year, shorter, often feel that the students around just school soon after graduation. "I think going abroad"相关的主题文章: