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How dangerous is a large truck? National self drive car – Sohu must return from these cars according to friends broke the news, in the early morning of October 2nd, Changchun in Century Square Changchun Jingyue Economic Development Zone beside Hengda Jade Terrace door, a car loaded muck truck rollover reverse, flattening a Audi car, otherwise a number of private cars damaged. Photos from the scene, the truck loaded muck, huge inertia make cars and locomotives separation, muck pouring out, many vehicles parked on the roadside. Among them, a black car was hit by a truck tail. A black and a white body covered with muck. The worst is a Audi car, the body is tightly pressed on the muck truck and the body, the roof was crushed…… Early in the morning 6 am, there are users passing here, see the car has not been pressed. Fortunately, the accident occurred in the early morning, the car is no pressure on the truck, otherwise…… The National Day holiday in the last day, a lot of car travel buddy has been on the way back. In order to everyone’s driving safety, the old driver today and talk to you, on the way home from the car. NO.1 truck loaded with large trucks in the size of the body and the size of the bus and other large buses are similar, so the red light running, blocking the line of sight and other risks are more similar. It is important that the truck super wide overload phenomenon is common, and some pull sand stone, garbage trucks and muck on the roof is not the majority of seals, so Yisa serious, after the car is often the first victims. Whether novice or veteran, many small partners know to stay away from large trucks. Large truck is not only a large blind area, but also because of the design of the gearbox, in the case of full load, from 0 to accelerate the speed of 2-3 km away from the distance of 80 kilometers, and from the speed of 80 km to 0, and at least 500 meters. There is a large truck friend told the old driver, because he had to stop rolling a car, inside the driver died on the spot, the company also awarded him $three thousand, the company said that if his car turns sharply to rollover or other accident, repair a car motionless on a million. And now only lose a car and then compensate individuals, the company took six hundred thousand. So, don’t follow the rivalry, people very full insurance, really afraid of you killed. NO.2 bus, bus body tall, with a good line of sight, but in the back of the bus line of sight can not be bad, is tall and wide body tend to put the rear car blocking up, if we follow the road, encounter unexpected situations and then suddenly the line in front of the risk is passed on to the moment the rear car body, Dodge is sure. So in the high-speed road with the car, be sure to maintain a large bus and more than 3 seconds away from the car, in order to meet the emergency response. NO.3 a lot of old taxi drivers never follow the taxi, whether it is empty or passengers, try not to follow. Empty driving taxis are usually focused on the side of the taxi passengers on the road, so the emergency brake suddenly sudden stop is very common, with the rear of the vehicle did not pay attention to!相关的主题文章: