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Housing plans to start 37 mutual entertainment must help employees buy [Abstract] 37 entertainment mutual housing program officially launched, introduced the "interest free loan staff housing management approach, to provide 10 million yuan of its own funds to provide housing for staff interest free loan. Chinese is one of the world’s most important nation human relations, especially in the big city. Since the beginning of this year, the first tier cities housing prices continue to rise, high. In the face of shrinking wallets, ordinary white-collar life pressure is also growing. In this case, the company launched the company’s welfare is also more attention. Home to the music industry in August 22nd 37, mutual entertainment introduced the "interest free loan staff housing management approach, concern. Management measures show that 10 million yuan of funds each year to provide housing interest free loan for employees, in addition to senior management personnel and above and related personnel, China employees who work for three years, if no work in housing, will have the opportunity to participate in the interest free loan application. Application materials include housing interest free loan application form, no real proof, personal credit records and valid residence permit. The company will consider the application of staff our age, past performance and evaluation to determine the priority, to ensure fair and equitable. Live, can feel at ease; peace of mind, to your heart; heart, to the music industry. The benefits to help employees solve the basic housing difficulties, reduce the purchase Shoufu pressure for the first time, truly "live and work in peace". 37 mutual entertainment uphold the heart to create the world, the concept of the enterprise, the development of interactive entertainment industry, we must first create a peace of mind, work hard, willing to work in an innovative atmosphere. Welfare is still good enough to fly and reliable employee benefits is to retain talent, promote the development of enterprises to win the magic weapon. In addition to the interest free loans to employees, 37 mutual entertainment also provides a greater number of employees working for the company benefits. For each employee for five social insurance and one housing fund is the most basic benefits, in addition, 37 mutual entertainment also computer subsidies, promotion, education system, fitness loving fund and long holidays etc. to provide a full set of benefits for employees. In subsidies, the company every day to provide free breakfast and lunch and dinner subsidies and computer purchase subsidies; in terms of transportation, in addition to the daily taxi reimbursement and new employee expenses reimbursement, during the Spring Festival also offers car charter service for the company employees in Guangdong province; in the study, in addition to the daily organization of internal training, employees can according to their own for education, tuition fees reimbursed by the company; in terms of fitness, the company set up a fun run, basketball, tennis, football, table tennis, badminton and other fitness clubs, and carry out regular activities; in the fund, if the employee is sick or maternity and family, in accordance with the relevant conditions, can apply for the love and sympathy gold during the holidays, in addition to rest; and the national legal holidays, the company also considerate to provide employees with women’s day, the Qixi Festival holiday gift. Package. My cake, you half in addition to the "employee housing interest free loan management approach", 37 mutual entertainment in August 22nd also released a report in 2016. In 2013, the report shows that 37 of the first half of the first half of the first half of the performance of mutual entertainment, in many game companies, with a net profit of 486 million lead the game (micro-blog) shares, becoming the most profitable.相关的主题文章: