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UnCategorized When I was first introduced to the idea, of starting a Home Base Business. I fell in love with the concept of going to work in my underwear. Something about making money online in the .fort of my own home, just truly amazed me. So I introduced the concept to my friends and family. And much to my surprise, I ran into mixed emotions, mostly negative opinions. And most of these opinions came from individuals, who never owned a Home Base Business, or even tried to have a work at home biz. I label these people with having the Yeah But Syndrome. It’s a good thing, I didn’t listen to those negative beliefs and opinions. I started my Home Base Business, and because I had the proper training. I became somewhat good at it. I remembered a motivational tape that I had once listened to. It was on the topic of, not listening to what others have to say, and to always follow your dreams. It brought to mind, what if Orville and Wilbur Wright had listen to what others thought about the idea of man flying? What about Columbus, do you think he would have took off in his ships if he had bought in to what others were saying (The world is flat)? Today not only do we sail and fly around the world, but we have put a man on the moon. All of these achievements started out with an idea, and a strong desire, for them to be.e possible. As it should be with your Home Base Business. You must develop a strong desire, and a persistent, positive mental attitude to be.e successful. As Napoleon Hill states in his book (Think And Grow Rich) it all starts with a burning desire. Do you know of a person, who no matter what idea you .e up with, can give you a million reasons why it won’t work? Or a better question, do you let that persons beliefs effect the decisions that you make in your life? Do you feed into their condemnation before investigation, type attitudes? Every individual is where he is in his life, because of the sum total of all his thoughts and actions. Before I listen to a persons suggestions, I look to see where that person is in life. Does that person have a Home Base Business? Then why listen to him about one? Is that person Financially Free? Or is he struggling from paycheck to paycheck. Is he mad about something all the time. Or does he always act as though, he doesn’t have a care in the world? Does he hate is job? Or does he work at home, in his underwear, smiling all day? If I disagree with where that person is in life. I refuse to listen to all his negative beliefs about how cruel life is, as he flops down on the couch, and finishes off that 12 pack . If I don’t want what that person has, then why would I listen to what he has to say? When I started my first Home Base Business, I found it necessary to associate with people who had what I wanted, and also had what I needed. (The Henry Ford Master Mind Concept). I sought advice from people who were already successful, and had successful, working at home ventures. In my opinion, I was taught and trained by some of the best in the business. You see I listened to them, because they knew what they were talking about. Not only did they talk the talk, they walk the walk. The proof was in the putting. So if you start a Home Base Business, And I hope you do. Because the benefits are tremendously rewarding. Investigate the opportunity that you are thinking about choosing. Make sure the Business has a good, reputable track record. One of the best assets to any business venture, is if that .pany will provide you with all the training and tools, and support possible for you to succeed. What good is a .pany, if you don’t know how to make it work? Remember if you can conceive and believe, you will achieve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: