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Holiday tourism, take "civilization" start again – Anhui Channel – People’s original title: holiday travel, with civilization, then start National Day holiday just past, sun beauty, sun food has become a hot topic these days. The annual statutory holiday is not only the golden age of tourism market, but also a test of tourists’ civilized quality. In today’s mass tourism era, the level of civilization of tourists can keep pace with the rapid growth of tourism industry? Civilized tourism consciousness to gradually develop, during the national day, a young couple regardless of "prohibited description" signs prompted, with the key engraved in the name of the the Great Wall brick wall, two people’s behavior triggered the anger of netizens. It is reported that there are many uncivilized tourist behaviors in scenic spots. During the tourist season, the phenomenon of uncivilized tourism always appears from time to time in people’s vision. On the whole, however, tourism uncivilized behavior has decreased considerably compared with the previous two years, and many tourists begin to consciously pay attention to their behavior during the journey. This year, the National Day Tiananmen square about 110 thousand people watch the flag raising ceremony, but the phenomenon of littering is significantly reduced than in previous years." Staff introduction of Beijing environmental sanitation group. Some experts suggest that some uncivilized behavior of tourism is out of the "door, no one knows, you can relax" mentality; and some are out of unconscious behavior, some bad habits brought to the journey. Therefore, we should strengthen the guidance and publicity, and gradually establish the consciousness of tourists civilization. The consciousness of civilized tourism needs to be developed gradually. With the development of tourism scale in China, more and more attention has been paid to the norms of civilized conduct and the rules of tourism practice." Liu Simin, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Tourism Association, believes that uncivilized behavior is the minority, and the solution to this problem lies in strengthening social education and improving the quality of the people. Civilized tourism environment should be established by all parties to promote the establishment of civilized tourism environment, and relevant departments and regions have taken a number of measures. In June this year, known as the new tourism "blacklist" of "tourism uncivilized behavior record management procedures" officially released, the scope of supervision from the tourists to expand the tourism industry, the punishment and the restrictive measures taken on uncivilized behavior and tourism market chaos more serious. At present, there are 24 tourists and tourism practitioners on the list". In order to strengthen the positive guidance of civilization civilized tourism, many theme tourism activities carried out during the National Day holidays from Jiangxi Tourism Commission in WeChat, micro-blog to carry out the sun "civilized travel" series of activities carried out in Qinghai; cultural tourism, integrity management as the main theme of the publicity and education activities, and guide the tourists of Penglaige in Shandong province; through the scenic area, warm broadcast to remind visitors civilized travel. Experts said that the promotion of civilized tourism requires a combination of multiple efforts, not only to constantly improve the relevant laws and regulations, but also to strengthen education and guidance, both rigid constraints and positive advocacy, even if uncivilized people are punished, and the internalization of civilization consciousness in the hearts of tourists. (reporter Lu Yuanzhen) (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)

假期旅游,带上“文明”再出发–安徽频道–人民网   原标题:假期旅游,带上“文明”再出发   国庆假期刚刚过去,晒美景、晒美食成为这几天的热门话题。每年的法定假日,既是旅游市场的“黄金时期”,也是对游客文明素质的一场考验。   在如今的大众旅游时代,游客的文明水平是否能跟上旅游业快速增长的脚步?   文明旅游意识要逐渐养成   国庆期间,一对年轻情侣不顾“禁止刻画”标牌的提示,用钥匙将名字刻在了长城砖墙上,两个人的行为引发了网友的愤怒。据报道,各地景区出现的不文明旅游行为也有不少。每逢旅游旺季,不文明旅游的现象总是不时出现在人们的视野中。   不过,总体来看,旅游不文明行为与前两年相比已经减少了很多,许多游客开始有意识地注意自己在旅途中的行为举止。“今年国庆天安门广场约11万人观看升旗仪式,但乱扔垃圾的现象比往年明显减少。”北京环卫集团的工作人员介绍。   有专家提出,一些旅游不文明行为,是出于“出了门,没人认识,可以放松”的心理;还有一些是出于无意识的行为,将一些不良行为习惯带到了旅途中。因此,应加强引导宣传,逐渐树立游客文明意识。   “文明旅游意识需逐渐养成,随着我国旅游规模不断扩大,旅途中的文明行为规范和旅游从业规范越来越受重视。”北京旅游学会副秘书长刘思敏认为,不文明行为是少数,解决这一问题在于加强社会教育,提升国民素质。   文明旅游环境要各方共建   为促进文明旅游环境的建立,有关部门和各地采取了多项措施。今年6月,被称为新版旅游“黑名单”的《旅游不文明行为记录管理暂行办法》正式发布,监管范围从游客扩大到旅游从业者,对较严重的不文明行为和旅游市场乱象采取了惩处和限制措施。   目前,已有24名游客和旅游从业人员“榜上有名”。   为加强文明旅游正面引导,国庆假期期间各地开展了不少文明旅游主题活动:江西省旅发委在微信、微博上开展晒“文明出游”系列活动;青海开展了以文明旅游、诚信经营为主旋律的宣传教育活动,引导游客文明旅游;在山东省蓬莱阁景区,通过景区温馨广播,提醒游客文明出行。   专家表示,倡导文明旅游需要多方合力,既要不断完善相关法律法规,又要加强教育引导,将硬性约束与正面倡导并重,既使不文明者受到惩处,又将文明意识内化于游客内心。(记者 鲁元珍) (责编:郭宇、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: