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His earliest thought Lu Xun "s achievements of the" Chinese plagiarism [Abstract] Gu Chao: Lu Xun for "a brief history of" Chinese novels, in the valley of salt "China Japan warm speech" Introduction to literature as reference books, some content is made according to this idea, however, did not indicate. At that time, some people think that such practices have plagiarism suspicion, his father is holding this view and talked with Chen Yuan. Ji Weizhou Chen Xiying wrote the | accused Lu Xun of "plagiarism" Chen Xiying, formerly known as Chen Yuan, had been studying in the UK, he returned to China in 1922, Professor of English Department of Peking University, is a representative of "modern critics". His fame is due to the "modern review" magazine "gossip" column. He often published essays on "gossip", one of which is wrong, especially in 1925 occurred in female normal wave, in support or against the student movement, the occurrence of major differences between his and Lu Xun, which leads to a lawsuit with Lu Xun’s words. In addition to the "female normal university" controversy, there is a special event, that is, on the issue of plagiarism controversy. This is the case: Chen Xiying in the "modern review" second volume fiftieth issue of a "gossip", the topic is plagiarism and plagiarism. One said: "we China critics sometimes too Hongbo. They fell down the body, with wide eyes, looking for the thief on the ground, so that the whole big plagiarism, they often turn a blind eye. To give an example? Or not to say, I really dare not offend the "intellectual authority"." The so-called "intellectual authority", is that some people gave Lu Xun the title, because Chen Xiying did not point out the name of Lu Xun, Lu Xun was also dismissed and did not give an answer. After Chen Xiying attacked Lu Xun Lu Xun but no injury to men inflicted by evil persons, reaction, so in less than ten days, he wrote "to" Shima one article, published in January 30, 1926 in the "morning supplement", which attacks the Lu Xun said: "he often copied sarcasm. There are a few more students copy of the poem, he yelled out Kegulouxin old mr.. But his "Chinese" but is based on the novel brief history Japanese shioya temperature "Literature Introduction to speech" inside the "novel" part. In fact, take someone else’s work to do your own blueprint, this can be forgiven, as long as you have a statement in the book. But Mr. Lu Xun doesn’t have that. In our opinion, you do not the right thing is just, why bother to dig a poor student, but he also try to make people unkind. "I hanged, kleptocrat Hou", this is the truth since ancient times." Lu Xun had to answer the questions about his personality and character. Then write a letter "not", published in February 8, 1926 on the "medium". This article makes a detailed rebuttal, Chen Xiying rendered speechless. Lu Xun won the victory. Chen Xiying is a copy of the "Lu Xun" one of the communicators, and in the end who is the first to say plagiarism?. Hu Shi came to wash for Lu Xun until 1936, by the common friend of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, Mr Hu Shi came forward to explain for the sake of the president of the Republic of China and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. Hu Shi was one of the first to write to Su Xuelin相关的主题文章: