Hilary email door to influence the election and Trump support rate of only 1%- in Beijing headache怎么读�

Hilary "email door" to influence the election and Trump support rate only 1%- Beijing, Beijing, 31 October, according to Central News Agency reports, the U.S. media published on the 30 presidential election 9 days before the poll results, influence of the Democratic candidate Hilary case by email, just ahead of the Republican Party candidate Trump by 1 percentage points. According to reports, a week ago, Hilary also significantly ahead of Trump by 12 percentage points, but the American Broadcasting Company and the Washington Post (ABC) announced 25 to 28 polls showed that Hilary in the United States may vote in support of the degree is 46%, Trump is 45%. It is reported that the poll to the United States 1160 voters may vote to obtain electricity, the error range of 3 percentage points. FBI Director Kermit 28, sent a letter to Congress, in the investigation of another case, found another batch of Hilary when he was Secretary of state of the email, will restart the investigation. Reported that the effect of poll numbers events to the election of Hilary, she is in the same poll a week ago, significantly ahead of 12 percentage points. Election results in the forecast, the election rate of over 8. However, most voters still believe that Hilary will be the winner, 6 of respondents said she would win.相关的主题文章: