High pillow and the lower pillow are easy to damage to cervical pillow can avoid cervical spondylosi-minmi

High pillow and the lower pillow are easy to damage to cervical pillow " " to prevent cervical spondylosis cervical disease is also called cervical syndrome, which is cervical osteoarthritis, hypertrophic cervical inflammation, cervical syndrome and cervical intervertebral disc herniation, is a degenerative pathological changes in basic diseases. Mainly due to long-term cervical strain, hyperosteogeny, protrusion of intervertebral disc, ligament thickening, resulting in cervical spinal cord, nerve root and vertebral artery compression, resulting in a series of clinical dysfunction syndrome. Data show that about 25% of China’s population of about 50 people suffering from or are suffering from cervical spondylosis, people around the age of about 60 people suffering from the disease up to about 50%, about the age of nearly 100% people. Cervical vertebra is located in the special parts of the human body, once the disease, not only harm the head and neck, but also affect the whole body. According to statistics, 10 ~ 15% of the cervical spondylosis patients had lower limb paralysis or limb paralysis, incontinence, completely bedridden symptoms. The dangers of cervical spondylosis can cause harm, paralysis of 1 cervical spondylosis manifested in patients with cervical spondylosis have lower limb weakness, walking instability, feet numbness, walking foot feeling such as cotton. When the cervical vertebra disease involving the sympathetic nerve, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, swollen eyes, dry eyes, not open, tinnitus, ear plug, even the symptoms such as bloating. 2, cervical spondylosis can cause paralysis. Part of the spinal cord or mixed with spinal cord type cervical vertebra disease, because of the lack of systematic treatment, such factors can not lift, along with the development of the disease, spinal cord degeneration appeared irreversible changes such as liquefaction, paralysis can occur, the harm of visible cervical vertebra disease much. 3, cervical spondylosis can cause high blood pressure. Because of cervical spondylosis caused by high blood pressure known as cervical hypertension. Most patients with dizziness or vertigo, shoulder heavy discomfort. If the multi joint dislocation of cervical vertebra, it will be accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath or arrhythmia. The cervical vertebra transverse displacement, or is caused by cervical dislocation injury are bacterial inflammation, will lead to sympathetic nerve excitement, which occurred in the cerebral vascular spasm, this is also the harm of cervical spondylosis. High pillow and the lower pillow are murderous cervical patients slept a high pillow, either the supine or side, will cause cervical spine injury. But why do you say that? When we sleep, when the body is in supine state, cervical physiological curvature should be reasonably curved upward (i.e., high lordosis), and the other once the pillow pillow is not reasonable, which can cause neck flexion. Neck flexion in the cervical posterior longitudinal ligament, yellow ligament, interspinal ligament and supraspinous ligament in a state of tension, and the involved muscles or muscles appear excessive muscle tension; at this point in the top of the vertebral facet, will slide to the lower prezygapophysis upper joint surfaces, resulting in staggered joint capsule nervous, eventually because of spinal cord, nerve root and vertebral artery compression and the emergence of a series of symptoms of cervical spine. Cervical patients long-term sleep low pillow, will also change the physiological status of the cervical spine. The cervical vertebra will sleep low pillow in excessive extension, more than the normal physiological curvature and excessive lordosis, the upper vertebral body after dumping,.相关的主题文章: