Hidden in the southwest of the mysterious ethnic minorities – black clothes Zhuang – Sohu travel-sweets parade

The mystery hidden in the southwest of Guangxi minority – Heiyizhuang – Sohu is a tourist Heiyizhuang Zhuang special minimum branches, living in Napo in southwest mountainous area. Heiyizhuang lifestyle in Zhuang groups to retain the most primitive in the most traditional, anthropology experts called living fossils of the Zhuang nationality "". The black beauty is Heiyizhuang tradition: black scarf, black clothes, black trousers, black shoes, black and red, taste infinity; Heiyi Zhuang housing for typical dry column construction, have a unique style; Heiyi Zhuang folk songs melodious melody and elegant language, vivid, sonorous tunes loud, euphemism, enjoy "Music Salon" voice. In the village, there is a tourist guide center. Which describes in detail the Heiyizhuang costume culture, food culture, such as weddings and funerals and out of the ordinary place. Marriage is the need to obtain the consent of the parents, after the media hired, set the life, such as the acceptance of the currency. But the wedding was held at night, the first time I heard it. The bride married in buluofujia returned home, began to find some career, all sorts of excuses to get together, until the pregnancy, before the family settled. The scenic area is very small, but the traffic is inconvenient, so the tourist is not much, come here to experience the life style of black dress. Dilapidated houses are everywhere, we can see here is relatively backward compared to the southwest guangxi. The black clothes Zhuang women are: shirt Dajin clothing, long pants, black pleated skirt, head wearing a black turban, is like a black butterfly. Heiyizhuang women wearing a silver collar, both sides prepare to kiss like shape, pisces. Pisces is the Zhuang women marriage fixture to kiss a silver collar, Heiyizhuang fish totem belief. The whole village is more than the elderly and children, very few young adults. In order to live better, some outside reading, some work outside. These old people still keep the daily work, in addition to the daily work, and is on a small restaurant, canteen, or renting costumes to maintain their livelihood. Into the black clothes Zhuang village, you can see a seat with tiles covered the grave in the garden or near the house. From afar, like a buried in the ground floor of the hut, just exposed roof part, very conspicuous. Black Zhuang people believe that the ancestors of the graves can not move away, so that they and future generations will always be together. And they will be buried after death two times, until the first burial, rotting corpses, then head out again after cremation, burial. Travel treasure of the traffic in Shanghai [Guangxi] — Nanning flight time to 3 hours, came back 2.5 hours, half an hour time difference, mainly different flight routes. Focus on the territory of Guangxi traffic, because only a few students, the Raiders less convenient, the students behind time-saving travel from Nanning to Nanning there is no direct friendship: friendship car, is generally the first to arrive in Pingxiang by bus or train station in Lang, arrived in Pingxiang. The shift of the car is more than 3 hours, the fare is $75. Only three trains, the price of 20-30 yuan between. Then package.相关的主题文章: