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Hengda life capital layout of "the phantom of the opera": Qianhai life trader join the hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: Hengda life capital layout of "the phantom of the opera": Qianhai life trader join reporter Xin Jizhao Li Zhihong Shenzhen, Beijing reported to the low-key equity of listed companies to buy, but Hengda life "the phantom" exposure to more than one three quarterly. In October 27th, ieslab released three quarterly show, Hengda Insurance Holdings through its two insurance products, ieslab about 4.96% of the shares, approaching placards line. Three of the Quarterly Bulletin released earlier showed that Hengda life has bought the pillars of the new material, auspicious, Meiyan national technology, Jinzhou pipeline 4.95% or 4.96% of the shares. Shares accounted for more than 5% of the listed companies "placards line", but it makes Hengda life into the top ten shareholders of the column. One important change is, including Hengda Hengda department to buy life, the listed company, also from the early preference property and buildings and other real estate related industry chain company, and electronic and chemical manufacturing industry. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter found that in February 2016, Qianhai life insurance asset management center, former deputy general sea to join Hengda life. At the same time, at the end of 8 to Nanchang Hengda Hengda life into cash assets of 9 billion yuan, all included in the life of "capital reserve", Hengda Hengda life in the two generation of compensation system, solvency can be improved, with the expansion of confidence. Qianhai life insurance companies and traders to Hengda investment in the stock market has always favored underestimate the value of banks, real estate and other blue chips, buy the number of Listed Companies in the three quarter life style change hengda. The listed company in the three quarter, at the end of the three quarter of 2016, Hengda insurance holds the ieslab (002339.SZ), the pillars of the new material (002082.SH), (600868.SH), the auspicious National Technology (300077.SZ), Jinzhou pipeline (002443.SZ) shares of four companies were 4.96%, 4.95%, 4.95%, 4.95%, 4.96% specific cases. The other holds 002081.SZ (Group), located in the group (603018.SH), Cangzhou Mingzhu (002108.SZ) shares were 2.52%, 1.71%, respectively. The shareholding ratio of less than 5% of the placards line, but has entered the group, the pillars of the new material, auspicious, Meiyan national technology, Cangzhou pearl, Jinzhou pipeline and a number of top ten shareholders. Shenzhen, a private insurance company executives said that the insurance company investment, placards listed companies, generally for the purpose of long-term financial investment, debt end premium growth supported by dividends. However, since Vanke equity dispute, the insurance company placards listed companies public controversy is relatively large. According to regulations, the proportion of insurance funds to reach 5% or more, it is necessary to disclose the shareholding situation, the expression of ownership intentions. Hengda theory相关的主题文章: