Henan temporary control of 24 highways due to fog haywire

Henan: because of heavy fog 24 highway – temporary control Beijing this morning, most areas of Henan province appeared in foggy weather, the province of Puyang, Hebi, Jiaozuo and other places of visibility less than 200 meters, local visibility less than 50 meters, the Henan provincial meteorological station at 21:30 on November 12th to distribute cloth yellow fog warning. Affected by the fog, Henan Province, the implementation of a number of temporary traffic control in the province, the ban on vehicle traffic through the morning 8:15, controlled sections involving 24 high-speed. Because of the fog control sections are: Beijing high-speed Henan Hebei Province Xinxian County Minggang, Henan Hebei Province – wide high-speed, Lianhuo opening – Mount Dangshan, South High Speed LAN? – Yang Shuang Pu, provincial Ningluo speed Ruyang Industrial Zone Henan Anhui, Yexian County Jiaotong freeway south – east of Tongbai, Yongdeng high-speed Yanling South deer Bo, Airport Express Airport Station, Zheng Jiaojin High Plains area east – small Xu Gang, long high-speed economy – Huojia cattle Tun, high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi Zhai village – Gushi, Xinyang expressway, economy wide high-speed, high-speed, high-speed machine, Lin Shang Xi high-speed, Zheng Min high speed, high speed, High German business registration Pu, fan speed, high-speed, high-speed line of coke Fan Hui; Ji Qi Yongdeng high-speed, high-speed line from above seven bus station. At the same time, according to the Henan Provincial Office of winter air pollution analysis, today, part of the time in most areas of Henan province will appear moderate to severe pollution, serious pollution in some areas of northern, northern and central air quality in mild to moderate pollution, other areas mainly to good to light pollution, the primary pollutant is PM2.5 or PM10 Henan Province, also launched a heavy pollution weather warning response. (CCTV reporter Wu Yanmin, Xu Lin)相关的主题文章: