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Henan bus collided with a truck and injuring 2 drivers were controlled by original title: Henan Suixian school bus collided with a truck 13 injured both drivers were controlled in new network Shangqiu on 22 September, (Liu Peng) reporter has just learned from the Henan Suixian County propaganda department, school bus and truck happened this morning in the local crash, at present has caused 13 people were injured. Both drivers have been controlled by the police. According to the briefing, September 22nd at 8:53 in the morning, in Suixian Taishan road and road intersection with the revitalization of a traffic accident, a bus (license number: Henan N48962) traveling from east to west, and a minivan (license number: Henan N3J133) from north to South Road, collided, killing 13 people injured, including 2 people injured. Suixian county Party Committee Propaganda Department is the chief of the Department of Liu introduced, currently seriously injured two people are being rescued. Both drivers have been controlled by the police. It is reported that after the accident, Suixian county government attaches great importance to the relevant leaders and departments rushed to the scene and launched the emergency plan, the establishment of medical treatment, accident investigation, on-site maintenance work group, to carry out the work immediately. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation, the wounded are being treated. (end) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: