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Hefei folks Rihangyishan on decades of Hou Changcui’s 76 year old Hou Changcui, double Gang street Hongqiao community in Luyang District of Hefei city residents. Although suffering from eye diseases, ten meters outside of things a blur, however, this does not hinder her stick to public. Over the years, she is Rihangyishan on their own requirements, and she has been practicing with this goal. Her enthusiasm for the neighbors also agreed. As long as the mention of her, everyone for praise. Hou Changcui’s eye is forty years before falling. That year, she also works in a chemical plant, was accidentally splashed into the eyes of sulfuric acid, "at that time, two eyes a black, pain straight stomp, thought: dead!" Lying in bed, Hou Changcui kept praying for himself. Fortunately, the eyes finally healed. Although some sequelae, but Hou Changcui is still very grateful, and grateful. "To see how the sun is rare, I think every day is a little bit more meaningful things, are so sorry for the beautiful sunshine and the world." From then on, Hou Changcui was determined to be "". Not only did she insist, but she persisted for decades. Once, the same district 15 Zheng grandmother falls, three sons are not around. Zheng grandma alone at home to recuperate, action inconvenience, even eating has become a problem. After Hou Changcui know, at noon every day early to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables, according to Zheng grandma at home to taste, put into the insulation box, to Zheng grandma, regardless of the weather. Zheng Zheng grandmother has been restored to be able to take care of their own lives, and Hou Changcui did not continue to send meals. However, Zheng Zheng Zheng grandmother inconvenience, she is still helping Zheng grandmother every day to buy fresh vegetables from the market. In addition to feeding the sick elderly, Hou Changcui also often give some elderly people in the district cooking meals. "They are getting old, and sometimes they don’t have the energy to eat. For me, is a Why not??" The same district 15 Grandma Li more than and 90 years old this year, his son was not at home, no retirement pay, also did not apply for subsistence allowances, the day is very tight, his age is still around the community to pick up garbage to sell domestic subsidies. Hou Changcui from the neighborhood of the chat that the incident, immediately came to the community, to the community staff to reflect this thing. After the community to understand the situation, immediately to help grandma Lee for subsistence allowances, but also for grandma Lee sent oil and rice and other daily necessities. See grandma Lee’s life has improved, Hou Changcui very pleased. She still adhere to the usual care of Li grandmother. Although his eyesight was not good, but also a step by step upstairs railing upstairs, but as long as you meet Grandma Li, she will take the initiative to take grandma Lee the hands of the goods, helped Grandma Li slowly home. In addition to helping the elderly, for the younger, Hou Changcui is also the same love. There is a steamed stuffed bun shop, a pair of foreign couples working here. Every morning, the couple busy without touching. See baozi Inn shorthanded, Hou grandma will take the initiative to come to help clean up the dishes, wash dishes. "They’re young, it’s not easy to do small business. I can’t vision, just"相关的主题文章: