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Have raised funds of 200 million yuan subscription households continued to step on the line to reduce Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title; since have raised funds to issue trainee reporter Fang Peiyan step on the second half of last year, the public offering of the new fund is a phenomenon: to raise funds and the number is gradually to private standards closer, a lot of public funds of gold is to step on the issue: raise the share of just over 200 million copies, the amount of 200 million yuan, the number was just 200 people. The fund issued 60 fund more common step on the line was established in September, the number of 28 fund subscription is one in 500 households, households, 18 fund subscription is just over public funds to raise the minimum standard of gold of 200 million shares, raising the number of 200 people. As tens of thousands of Xin’an net debt and net debt of Wan Jia Xin Jing, they raise the share of just over 200 million copies, subscription number is only 219 households, 217 households; in addition, the number of Castrol steady Ze pure debt to subscribe for the number of 204 households, 224 households subscribe for sound fidelity, fidelity Huize subscription for 238 households. In addition, the reporter noted that there are 15 funds the average amount held over one million. One of the two million fund average holdings of more than 900 thousand yuan, Castrol steady Ze pure debt and fidelity stable average household holds 2 million 450 thousand yuan, 2 million 230 thousand yuan, while the average share of holding Huize fidelity is as high as 6 million 300 thousand yuan. It is understood that the fund subscription number less and average household to raise the scale of high probability is designed for large institutional clients to set up a "custom fund". Wind statistics show that in 2013, two years in 2014, the proportion of individual investors holding fund assets remained at around 70%, respectively, of 73.19% and 68.92%, is a major investor in public funds. However, as of 2016, institutional investors hold assets ratio has climbed to 52.3% institutions with more than 50% of the public fund investment market dominant position. The subscription number continued to decline over the past ten years, the number of public funds gold subscription fell sharply. According to Wind statistics, since 2016, the average number of gold to raise public subscription for 3873 households; ten years ago, the average subscription number for 2006 88689, is nearly 23 times in 2016; this is ten years, in addition to the Shanghai Composite Index fell to 1849 lows and rose to a high of 5178 in 2013, 2015 by the subscription number of reverse small rebound, other times it is steadily declining. In 2007 the average number of households subscribe to 513247, reached a peak in 2015 and although in the bull market, the average number of households subscribe to 13618, far below the level of the bull market in 2007. Although the number of public funds to buy less and less, but the number of fund issued a substantial increase. According to Wind statistics, in the past 34 years this year, the public offering of gold has reached a total of only 624, in 2015, raised funds in the bull market相关的主题文章: