Hangzhou issued four tourist routes to build global tourism corridor-ca4111

Hangzhou issued four tourist routes to create the "global tourism corridor" yesterday, the 2016 Hangzhou international experience in the Southern Song Dynasty imperial town officially launched at the same time, Shangcheng District Tourism Bureau also issued a "global tourism" features four tourist routes, plans to build a "global tourism corridor". This is the four characteristics of the tour line is the taste of Nanshan, the origin of love, Shuangcheng life, through the ancient and modern, combined with tourism, culture, food, sports, health and other elements, all with a gold bilingual guide. Such as "the origin of love" lines, visitors will start from five, a road feel "Rose Lane" romantic taste, TEA20 heads of state banquet of tea exhibition, but also in the rich aroma of herbs, to deepen understanding of the health culture. For example, "through the ancient line every day at half past four in the afternoon, the drum tower will be staged a southern soldiers about 15 minutes of changing reality show. Along with the "open doors" voice, a team of hand weapon "southern soldiers" from the tower door, leading generals slowly boarded Gulou edict, announced after much fanfare, lined up in the tower gate on both sides of the "soldiers" with the drum to drill. Then, visitors can come to an area of 500 square meters of the Southern Song Dynasty imperial town "living room". Through the reduction of life objects, scenes of life in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the use of 3D, VR and other new media technology, the town "living room" for visitors to fully display the royal culture, folk culture, cultural heritage in Song dynasty. Then, they sit, visitors can enter the "Fang Xiang", carefully appreciate the folk customs of Hangzhou. The rickshaw tour line followed by a Cu lane, huichuntang point, non heritage experience, experience the culture of Southern Song Dynasty’s room, Qian Tang first wells, pharmacy, No. Hu Qingyutang, Ba Zi Xiang wax stage culture art wall, a new name, emblem of the Chinese imperial workshops, art, music hall, hotel Yangtang, Wang Runxing, Bandung, etc. 16 experience points, the whole trip twenty or thirty minutes. Sitting in the car when enjoying the street scenes, visitors can also take out mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code sweep rickshaw, listen to the voice on the Southern Song Dynasty imperial town ". The city tourism to the "Lane Community" as the main characteristics, in recent years, the business integration development strategy under the guidance of the initial formation of the lake, Wu Shan two district, "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment, the maximum comprehensive benefit six classic elements and" culture, business, keep learning and leisure, love, odd "new seven elements, and strive to achieve the city tourism" full field development, full time development, full space development, total factor collection, the whole industry integration, all-round support, all residents share the global tourism development pattern. "I personally recommend starting from the lakeside tourist terminus, walk street, lane, visit the mountain, along the river swim global tourism Shangcheng corridor, this can feel the root and soul of Hangzhou, you can also enjoy the landscape of the city, feel the new changes in Hangzhou." Shangcheng District Tourism Bureau Director Xue Yabing said. The city also specifically for the "global tourism corridor" hired the first brand spokesperson, "Zhu Fu copper art" fifth generation descendant of Zhu Junmin, zhe school of Qin inheritors Xu Junyue, photographer Gu Yong. "Every spokesperson represents a tourist city.相关的主题文章: