Hainan rural reconstruction transformation new standard the main housing area of about 30 square met kaya scodelario

Hainan rural reconstruction transformation new standard: the main housing area of about 30 square meters per capita ceiling of Hainan rural reconstruction: the main housing construction area of 20 square meters per capita to 30 according to the Hainan daily, Hainan Daily reporter Sun Hui client in order to implement the provincial government precise poverty poverty alleviation plan, the provincial Housing Department recently issued "guidance on accelerating" rural reconstruction work, put forward opinions on reconstruction of rural housing construction area of the upper and lower limits of the main control, lower per capita of not less than 20 square meters, the upper limit of about 30 square meters. According to some specific problems of rural reconstruction work practice in Hainan, the views of rural reconstruction main housing construction area of the lower limit control (auxiliary room excepted), lower per capita of not less than 20 square meters, the upper limit of 30 square meters, cities and counties according to the household population, local customs and the local economic and social development level set a reasonable standard, the principle is not above the middle level of the local general public housing, large area and luxury decoration houses shall not enjoy government reconstruction grants. According to the reasonable reconstruction grants object reconstruction, must give priority to the rural poor households filing riser, to ensure the completion of the task priority poverty alleviation of poverty; rural decentralized support reconstruction of special personnel, poor families of disabled persons and low-income groups, to ensure that the special difficulties of the housing security; second, on the basis of household per capita income, combined with the city’s economic and social development level, and the reconstruction of the stock of the situation to determine the subsidy scope and target, ensure the completion of the "13th Five-Year" stock of rural reconstruction. In principle, higher than last year, the per capita net income of rural households in rural areas is not included in the scope of subsidies. In order to reduce the cost of renovation, the renovation of housing farmers due to poverty, should give priority to the strengthening renovation way to solve poverty housing security issues. C level dangerous with the principle of repairing and strengthening the transformation of the way, D level dangerous reinforcement can give priority to strengthening repair, followed by demolition and reconstruction. To take reinforcement repair renovation of D level dangerous to organize technical personnel for the security risks make repairing and strengthening scientific program, fully demonstrated the technical feasibility and economic transformation of organization and implementation. To ensure the reconstruction cost reduce the quality and safety of the premise, to become one of the poor households to solve the housing security issues way. The opinion also proposed to actively promote the low-level assembly of rural housing construction, to vigorously promote the assembled housing energy saving and environmental protection, fire proof and other advantages of the city and county, to develop incentives to encourage farmers to adopt such as assembling agricultural real light steel structure type in the reconstruction and post disaster reconstruction, and gradually extended, increasing the proportion of. To encourage the use of the pilot counties with "two rights" mortgage loans, to raise funds to help needy farmers to carry out reconstruction, non pilot counties should also refer to the pilot counties to carry out related exploration work.相关的主题文章: