Guo Jingming’s view of entertainment habit of plagiarism of the suspect is _ _ entertain beself

Guo Jingming | entertainment concept "habitual plagiarism" of the suspect is the era of landscape _ Tencent _ entertainment entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Zimo) in September 30th, the new film director Guo Jingming’s "grand track" will be released. However, double Yi Ruo Guo Jingming into plagiarism rumors again. Net friend out of a crop full of evidence, pointed out that the "grand track" highly similar Japanese anime "Fate": "Fate" inside the gilded and the "grand track" inside jinshanshan are called Jill Gamish; "Fate" and "grand track" inside the characters are there along the way of mentoring; "Fate" which summoned 7 souls, "grand track" in each country there are seven king; "Fate" inside the "magic" magic "magic" loop "and" grand track "inside" soul "and" soul force "and" the soul of India "set almost the same;" Fate "in" Trace On "Coyote ability is the translation of" coherence "," grand track "in silver gift called" infinite Horcrux homology"…… We can see that the "grand track" "from the" "Fate" is the world view of the framework structure and character set. But "salute" is a classic works to declare in no uncertain terms to have accumulated, and indeed Guo Jingming is somewhat different, secretive dare not say, but the evidence left behind everybody’s guess. In all kinds of media today issued a massive situation, this kind of "drawing" advance secretly by an unknown path is defined as "wash draft", derived from the word, means the plagiarism of professional occupation, to some extent, people are forming consensus, nature is more severe wash draft. As for Guo style work is not plagiarism, or wash the draft, or learn from, this problem is really important? But I am afraid just contribute a hoarse public fire, and some fans "sophisticated horse fans, professional referee to be drawn from the perspective of law, it has exceeded the average level of the current public opinion field. Does Guo Jingming care about "habitual plagiarism"? Not to say. The way Guo Jingming ride the wind and waves, see the argument, questioning, irony, but when questioned "Er Cao body and name all out", he is still in the "small" and "old" to "Guo guide" the road to evolve. After all, to say science avenue. In the past some of Guo Jingming’s "plagiarism" rumors, because Guo Jingming fans group huge momentum, words can easily be a monopoly, "plagiarism" side probably haven’t been made moaning and died. But when the object wash draft is a very wide audience works when the law of the jungle voices encountered rival hedge well-matched in strength. "Fate" is the original form of 2004 is a computer game, later adapted into a series of novels, animation, games, derivative works and so on, there are dozens of years of brand management, has accumulated countless fans. "Fate" fans to express themselves with deep hatred and resentment spare no effort works and "wash draft", when Guo Jingming did not know the intended or not, please have the "Fate Zero" music animation Yuki Kajiura as the "grand track" music, sparked a fan. Who in the world was a fan of the times, offend too many fans also have the throne in danger of instability.相关的主题文章: