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Guangzhou intends to build some old community spirit city circle taste living room Pazhou area project west of Internet innovation schematic study and implement the ten plenary session of the nine Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee held in August this year, the ten plenary session of the nine plenary session of the party for the first time in the form of thematic research, planning and construction management of the city, the meeting examined and adopted the "Guangzhou people’s government the city of Guangzhou municipal Party Committee on Further Strengthening the implementation of the views of the city planning and construction management" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the city of the future work made a full deployment. Guangzhou city land resources and Planning Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou City Planning Commission) closely around the construction of the municipal government in three major international strategic hub, upgrading the strategic deployment of riverbanks three zone, construction of hub city network, from three aspects, ten measures to implement the "opinions" spirit. The map, the Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Du Juan Sui GUI Xuan’s strategy to lead the three aspects of strategic planning "leading international vision of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on Further Strengthening the city planning and construction management of the implementation of the opinions" put forward: "planning is a compass, plays a leading role in the city development strategy." City National Planning Commission official said, will focus on the construction of the hub of the network city goals, clear planning ideas, planning to international vision, to achieve macro, meso and micro three levels of strategic guidance. The macro level, the focus of planning for the 2040 "to carry out the overall strategic development planning" and "city traffic development strategy planning", timely start planning period to 2030 "city planning" and "land use planning". Delineation of the boundaries of urban development, ecological control lines and permanent basic farmland. At the same time to promote the integration of education, sports, health, forestry, gardening, transportation, municipal, water, sanitation and other special planning, and gradually achieve the multi rule one, to achieve the planning of important livelihood facilities. Meso level, considering the key platform and urban and rural development. The planning and construction of key functional areas to promote a gold triangle, the international financial city two, Whampoa  riverside Economic Zone, airport economic zone core area etc.. On the other hand, for the majority of the urban and rural areas, with the feature of the town, the beautiful countryside as the urban and rural areas, promote the development of production integration of the city’s main starting point, do a good job of planning related. Micro level, from the scale of the people, do micro design, micro environment, micro traffic. To promote the quality of the construction and management of urban planning and design, improve the urban livability and international competitiveness. The hub of the city focus on three strategic hub riverbanks three with multi point support "opinions" put forward clearly for the first time in Guangzhou by international shipping hub, international aviation hub, international science and Technology Innovation Hub three international hub construction, global convergence of high-end elements, to create a comprehensive international city. For the protection of three major hub, Guangzhou through expansion and stronger air lines, shipping line, railway line, city high Expressway and rail transit line network construction, air and railway transport, rail transport frame, forming internal and external interconnection traffic pattern. City State regulation.相关的主题文章: