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[map] Guangzhou auto show: Dongfeng MX5 style from the sale of 103 thousand and 555 Sohu automobile Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show car [] Zhengzhou Nissan Dongfeng demeanor MX-5 listed in the Guangzhou auto show officially announced the official price of the new car is 10.3555-13.5555 million yuan, is a total of 4 models, equipped with 1.4T or 2.0L engine and automatic transmission optional models. In addition, the car will also be limited to the introduction of 500 Huang Bo welfare edition models, the price of $99555. Appearance: the design of individual style MX5 with hexagonal mouths grille collocation eyes headlights group, the overall look is very unique. Body: the new car length and width of 47201850 1727mm, wheelbase 2712mm. The side looks very stretch, overall and Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 somewhat similar. Car tail design, integrated taillights group can be said to be very high degree of recognition, while the rear bumper with chrome trim and black bumper, giving people a sense of power. According to different configuration, the new car will be equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, USB interface, SD card slot, after discharge outlet. Power: the new car is equipped with 1.4T and 2.0L two engines, the maximum output power of 140 horsepower and a total of 146 horsepower, peak torque is not for the 196 cattle m and 200 cattle m?. Transmission system, 1.4T models will use 5 speed manual gearbox, and 2.0L engine matching is the speed of manual and 6 speed automatic gearbox. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: