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Guangxi to build 52 meters high glass "confession bridge"   Internet users: security? – Heilongjiang Channel – People’s original title: Guangxi to build 52 meters high glass confession Bridge Internet users: security? Taiwan media said the mainland Guangxi newly built a glass suspension bridge, due to the deep vertical height of 52 meters, homonym for "I love you", it is called "confession bridge", as long as the bridge bold confession, can be a lifetime. Many Internet users but disagree, can not help but ask "safe"? Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoted the 29 Beijing, Hongkong "Ming Pao Daily News website reported that the bridge is located in Guangxi Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Shuanglong ditch frame in the primeval forest, is expected in October 1st officially opened. Reported that the suspension bridge length of 199.9 meters, the deepest vertical height of 52 meters. Since the "520" homonym for "I love you", it is called "confession bridge", "as long as the bridge to bold confession, over 520, two people can be a long time and life." Bridge suspension bridge structure composed of mining, steel and glass, each cable weighs 3 tons, all glass total weight of more than 30 tons, about 30 people pass each time. Reported that, due to the bridge is not fixed, many people walk through, the glass bridge will sway, visitors can experience the excitement of standing in the tens of meters high air suspended. However, many mainland netizens will be the glass bridge and the Hunan Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge "sky Du" after, began to worry about the quality and safety of the bridge. ". Known as the world’s longest, highest "sky Du" before opening it for many times in public make explosion-proof test, known as the 8000 people on the bridge can withstand the tour every day, since the opening of the tourists in a continuous line, but the bridge test run 13 days earlier this month announced suddenly closed. The local government denied the "sky" there are security issues, but within the area to upgrade the system. (commissioning editor Han Tingpeng and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: