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Guangxi guests: Grassroots Tax Cadres to send the policy delivery service   take the long road — Society — October new guest 23, (reporter Pang leather Wang Yun Na) recently, the cadres and workers of Guangxi Laibin City tax system through a variety of ways, learning the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March memorial meeting last, we focus on the Xi general secretary’s speech had a heated discussion. "Play to the functions of Taxation, to help the masses of entrepreneurial wealth, it is to follow the new Long March road". Guangxi Laibin City IRS Yao cadres Ning Xiujuan said: listening to general secretary speaking of the long march is always on the road it is full of confidence, he encourages us to continue to take the new long march road, let the long march spirit shine forever. As a minority cadres, to unite the people of all ethnic groups, with practical actions to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, carry convenience tax spring action and volunteer service activities, in-depth in poor mountainous areas to send the policy, delivery service, the full implementation of the preferential tax policy, help the masses become fairly small Kang, let the poor mountain people live a happy life is today, we should go the long way. Today, the long march of our generation, is to achieve the two goals of the past one hundred years, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream." Excitedly said Guangxi tax bureau of Xincheng County of Laibin City Zhuang cadres Shi Baorong listened to the General Secretary Xi speech: "as a national poverty county of the staff, to play the functions of Taxation, the initiative for the Small and micro businesses solve real difficulties, the full implementation of Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies, Small and micro businesses. In the country to enjoy the dividend policy, help Small and micro businesses is booming, the Xincheng county people are rich, the early realization of the goal of poverty hat". Adhere to the "tax propaganda into the village, strengthen minority regions of small and micro enterprises preferential tax policies popularization, use tax incentives to increase in Dayaoshan area of medicine, tea, ethnic jewelry and other national characteristics of industry efforts to help Yao cellular rich early." Guangxi Laibin City Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County Bureau of cadres Yao Wei Yang Ming of the general secretary Xi Jinping said that the "carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, must take their own long road, the hearts of the people in the highest position, adhere to all the people, everything depends on the people, for the people to live a better life to fight this sentence with emotion a lot, he told reporters, as the grass-roots tax cadres rooted in ethnic regions, ideals and beliefs to firmly believe that the taxpayer service, use tax policy to boost industrial development of national characteristics, let Yao compatriots early poverty is the moment we must walk the long road. Laibin City Xiangzhou Guangxi Tax Bureau cadres Wei Bingsong Zhuang said, we need to vigorously carry out the "two a" to supplement their own spirit of "calcium", set up the lofty ideal of life, excellent work style and clean personal conduct, so as not to be submerged in the tide of anti-corruption. Deputy director of the Guangxi District of Laibin City State Taxation Bureau Mo Wenwen said that as the Dong minority women cadres and grass-roots tax cadres, in future work, must carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the practice of "sacred duty of wealth for the country, based on the law enforcement for the people")相关的主题文章: