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Guangdong Xuwen: fishing fish fighting cited two of them are civil servants Nanfang Daily News (reporter Cui Caixin)   the end of August, in Xuwen County, Luo fishing occurred due to fish triggered mass violence, more than 20 unidentified personnel will be more than local fishermen, and tried to mediate the wounded people. Afterwards, the site of more than two people pointed out that civil servants are directly involved in the fighting. More than one hit "outsiders" it is understood that the group fighting events on the morning of August 27th. On the same day as early as 5 two women in the open sea fishing boats to return the boats buy seafood, the two sides quarrel, after each part, buy Seafood ashore, and no further quarrel. About 7 pm, outside the Luo fishing port has entered into fish in the morning, the scene is very busy. When suddenly from several cars, and down more than 20 faces from the car, these people huddled around the fishing pier nearby. At about 10, two women before the altercation happened again quarrel, followed by more than 20 faces all rushed to the quarrel stalls, one hit, a scene of chaos. When the incident happened, Wu Zonghai was on the spot. He was caught unprepared by the sudden situation. "Those people were pulling each other with Lin’s family.". Lin, they are playing the most powerful, around four or five people hit a person, usually plastic basket fish is those who take up to hit the head, I will also be playing in the next room without any cause or reason." Fish at the scene of the fish off the Wu Kanqiu if the murderer killed people, they stood up and tried to mediate, brutally brawl, fell to the ground unconscious. The crowd offered video from the scene can be seen, the batterer surrounded them, people in the stalls on the hit, people were playing head broken and bleeding, and soon there will be no defense force. Outside the border police station after receiving the alarm arrived on the scene, the murderer fled. With the help of the surrounding masses, surrounded by a commercial car ready to escape, only to capture the 3 people on the car. I learned from the police station, the day more than 10 people were beaten. The most serious is still in the hospital. Two civil servants involved in a fight I learned that the case has been handed over to the day of the incident in the Xuwen County Public Security Bureau police brigade processing. According to the number of people identified, Xuwen County Bureau of justice Zhang × × Marine Fishery Bureau and × × two cousins were directly involved in the fight. Many of the masses are said, "stranger" is arrive together with the Zhang two cousins. The local people took the mobile phone video recorded at that time, said to the author: "these two people are our outside Luo people, now are working in the county, is a public official."." See from the video, two people in fighting the process is very fierce. The day Xuwen county to understand the relevant circumstances, County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau said the two is official in Xuwen County, was involved in the fight. Xuwen county Party Secretary Liang Quancai said that the fighting after the incident, Xuwen County attaches great importance to, and immediately set up a joint investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Public Security Bureau, the procuratorate is composed of groups, because more people involved, is still under investigation. Before already. 广东徐闻:渔港收鱼引殴斗 其中有两名是公务员   南方日报讯 (记者 崔财鑫)8月底,在徐闻县外罗渔港发生了一起因收鱼引发的群体性殴斗事件,20多名不明来历的人员将当地多名渔民、以及劝架群众打伤。事后,现场多名群众指出有两名公务员直接参与了殴斗。   多名“外地人”见人就打   据了解,此次群体性殴斗事件发生在8月27日上午。当日早5时两名妇女在海上开着快艇向捕鱼归来的渔船收购海鲜时,双方发生争吵,后不欢而散,各自收购海鲜后靠岸,并没有进一步争吵。约到7时左右,外罗渔港码头已经进入到收鱼的早市,现场十分繁忙。此时突然开来多辆汽车,并从车上下来了20多名“生面孔”,这些人围聚在渔港码头附近。10时左右,之前发生口角的两名妇女再次发生了争吵,随后20多名“生面孔”一拥而上,冲上了发生争吵的档口,见人就打,现场一片混乱。   事发时,吴宗海正在现场。突如其来的情况让他措手不及,“那些人是与林某(女)他们家争吵的对方拉来的。林某他们被打得最厉害,四五个人围着一个人打,平时装鱼的塑料筐被那些人拿起来就往头上砸,我就在隔壁也平白无故地被打。”在现场收鱼的鱼客吴堪球怕凶手打死人,就挺身而劝架,也惨遭群殴,倒地昏迷。   从现场围观群众提供的视频可以看出,打人者一拥而上,在档口上见人就打,多人被打得头破血流,很快就没有了招架之力。   外罗边防派出所在接到报警后赶到现场,凶手才纷纷逃走。在周围群众的帮助下围住了一辆准备逃走的商务车,才抓获了车上的3人。笔者从派出所了解到,当日有十多名群众被打。最严重的现在还在医院治疗。   两公务员参与殴斗   笔者了解到,目前案件已在事发当日移交给徐闻县公安局治安大队处理。而据现场多名群众指认,徐闻县司法局张××和海洋渔业局张××两堂兄弟直接参与了殴斗。不少现场群众都表示,“外地人”是和姓张的两堂兄弟一同抵达的。当地群众拿着当时录制的手机视频对笔者说:“这两个人是我们外罗人,现在都在县里工作,是公职人员。”从视频看,两人在殴斗过程中都十分凶恶。   笔者当日向徐闻县委了解相关情况时,县纪委监察局领导表示两人确为徐闻县公务人员,参与了殴斗。徐闻县委书记梁权财表示,殴斗事件发生后,徐闻县高度重视,随即成立了由县纪委、公安局、检察院组成的联合调查组,因为涉及的人员比较多,目前仍在调查中。之前已经接到对两名公职人员参加殴斗的实名举报。一经查实无论涉及到谁,都会严肃处理,绝不姑息。一定要尽快给群众一个满意的答复。相关的主题文章: