Guangdong police seized smuggling frozen goods worth about eighty million Beijing – in

Guangdong police seized smuggling frozen goods worth about eighty million net new case in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Meiyan, correspondent Jiang Zongping, Li Ang: 17 journalists from the Guangdong maritime police detachment learned that in September 15th 10, the detachment in the Dan’gan island east of the sea, Shenzhen Dapeng Bay waters to the South and carry out the action, in one fell swoop destroyed a a major criminal gangs in the Pearl River Delta to the border trade frozen goods smuggling, arrested 16 suspects, seized smuggled frozen beef, tripe, beef tongue and other items of about 1000 tons, worth about eighty million yuan (above). This is the Guangdong police to carry out the "2016 country sword" and "thunder 2016" special action to combat the smuggling of major achievements. After investigation, the frozen goods smuggling from the United States, Brazil, Thailand and other countries, according to the State Quality Inspection Administration issued in September 14, 2016 "conformity assessment review requirements of the country or region China meat products list" confirmed that the goods are not in the access list, are prohibited from import goods. It is reported that these frozen goods usually use illegal additives, bleach soak, prolong the shelf life of a sterilization, two to remove surface stains, make the beef and frozen meat is tender and big, also can gain weight, usually one kilogram of beef can be made of 1.5 kg. The frozen goods are unable to provide any inspection and quarantine certificate and the legal purchase list, if the market will cause serious harm. The batch of frozen goods has been transferred to the customs department. The case is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: