Guangdong official citizens may break the law to release illegal cases (video)-vidalia

Guangdong official: citizens released illegally may cause a lawsuit Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Xing correspondent tree Avenue) shall not abuse wild animals; shall not violate social morality to treat wild animals; not illegal release…… November is the twenty-sixth "wild animal Publicity Month" in Guangdong province". Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department, the Education Department of Guangdong Province, the State Forestry Administration Office of the Commissioner in Guangzhou, Chinese wild animal protection association in Guangzhou Changlong wild animal world held a "wild animal" propaganda month ceremony, jointly opened the theme of "wild animal protection, we are promoting the series of activities of the wild animal protection act" the prelude. The newly revised "wildlife protection law" will come into force on January 1, 2017. Compared with the old version, the new version of wildlife protection law limits and standardizes the use of wildlife, and increases illegal trade, online trading and advertising. In view of the issue of releasing animals, the new version of the law of the wild animal protection stipulates that the law should not be released illegally, and if the animals are allowed to release wild animals at will, causing damage to the body, property or harm to the ecosystem of others, they shall bear legal liability according to law". (Guangzhou daily) [related reading] 3 villages in Guangdong, snakes full of villages suspected of releasing reproduction caused by

广东官方:市民违法放生有可能惹上官司广州日报讯 (记者刘幸 通讯员林荫)不得虐待野生动物;不得违反社会公德对待野生动物;不得违法放生……11月是广东省第26届“野生动物宣传月”。昨日,广东省林业厅、广东省教育厅、国家林业局驻广州专员办、中国野生动物保护协会等在广州长隆野生动物世界举办“野生动物宣传月”启动仪式,共同拉开了主题为“保护野生动物,我们在行动”的全省野生动物保护宣传系列活动的序幕。新修订的《野生动物保护法》将于2017年1月1日起施行。与旧版相比,新版《野生动物保护法》限制和规范了野生动物的利用,增加了打击非法贸易、网络交易和广告等内容。针对放生问题,新版《野生动物保护法》规定不得违法放生,“随意放生野生动物,造成他人人身、财产损害或者危害生态系统的,依法承担法律责任”。(广州日报) 【相关阅读】广东3村庄毒蛇满村爬 疑放生繁殖所致相关的主题文章: