Guangdong Development Strategy market or not can’t be Manniu basis beef怎么读�

Guangdong Development Strategy: market "or not" can not become the Manniu basis source: WeChat public number: "the author of" Chen Jie Zheng Kai Cao Liulong GF strategy: 1 this week, this week’s major changes in strategy point of view are: 1, since the beginning of the 30 city real estate sales growth of 32.4% yoy, year-on-year growth rate continued to fall; 2, the domestic industrial products prices generally, but overseas commodities generally fall; 3, July industrial profits rebounded; 4, two financial balance last week rose 0.4% to 901 billion 300 million yuan, the size of the non net reduction of 1 billion 570 million yuan this week. On the market sentiment, this week, the market shock down, but investors still generally feel down". On the above sentiments, our view is: 1, the recent market is not moving feature, which makes some investors think of the bull market in 2014 before the start of the scene. In a recent period of time, whenever we feel the market is broken down, always seems to have a mysterious force to hold the market. This makes many people think of the first half of 2014, when the market is relatively weak, but the Shanghai Composite Index fell below 2000 points in the three occasion but soon regained. The results of the second half of 2014, A shares market ushered in a vigorous bull market. Coincidentally, the Shanghai and Hong Kong is in the first half of 2014 announced that it will launch, but recently announced to launch at the end of Shenzhen Tong, and now seems to be the first half of 2014 are very similar. Coupled with the current market index has fallen by 40% compared to last year’s highs, some investors began to look forward to the next round of the bull market has been in the brewing (a representative view is: the second half of 2014 is taking the "cattle", this time will go "Manniu"). But now 2, compared with 2014, the loose monetary policy space cannot be mention in the same breath. In April 2014, the State Council executive meeting for the first time put forward the "Small and micro businesses to reduce the cost of financing, since then opened the prelude to monetary policy easing (hereafter to cut interest rates six times, five times RRR), then has become the starting point of domestic interest rates downward; but in the current environment, on the one hand, the economic data is not particularly on the other hand, liquidity and showing off the virtual reality of the situation, which makes the possibility of monetary policy easing again has been very small, investing in the stock market, investors are most concerned about the changes on the margin, the liquidity environment although very relaxed, but marginal further easing expectations it has disappeared, this environment is far less than in 2014. 3, on the other hand, 2014 is the reform of the investors never believe to believe in the process, and now is the gradual fall of the reform measures in the stage, but its direction and optimistic expectations of the market but there are some deviations. Before 2014, the main theme of the market structure is the emerging industries and growth stocks, we are indifferent to this clue to reform. But as the anti-corruption efforts continue to strengthen, investors began to sit up and take notice of the new leadership of the executive power, so when the next launch of SOE reform, The Belt and Road "reform plan when the market were high hopes, reform.相关的主题文章: