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Grant telephone fraud cheated 30 thousand yuan of poor households – Sohu news Shandong girl Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan tuition light out after death, currently 6 suspects have been arrested. Yunnan Dali Eryuan County Iron Xiang Kang real one, also suffered the same scam, they borrowed 30 thousand yuan put all sorts of things together, cheated 29700 yuan, there are two children for school expenses. Half an hour 30 thousand yuan only 300 Kang real living in Eryuan County Iron Guidan Xiang Niu Cun Mei Ciping group, home to a total of 7 people, in addition to his wife, 4 daughters and 1 sons. The deaf family and their father did not live together, but the usual food and clothing is also in charge of the kang. The family usually rely on a potato, corn, white kidney bean, walnut, meager income. When it comes to being cheated, real voice choked Kang: "30 thousand dollars card is borrowed from relatives, to housing, but also for the first daughter and youngest son just admitted to school to school, now money cheated 300 dollars only, no tuition fees, the house is covered not……" Kang truth, 20, about 10 in the morning, he received a strange phone call 171, the other said there is a $2860 grant to his home, and claimed that one or two months have been notified, how not to receive? "This little son graduated from junior high school, to Shimonoseki technical school, I think the school is given for gospel truth, subsidies, not previously encountered such a thing, there was no doubt". Subsequently, the health of the real estate in the village of three daughters to go to the village of rural credit cooperatives to handle the relevant formalities. Three daughter said: "I almost 11:30 to the bank, to the bank after receiving a display for another 171 of the strange phone, and asked me how much balance in the bank account number? I said that there are 30 thousand yuan. Then, the other said his bank card is not activated, I want to activate the bank card by way of transfer, and put the money into the designated account, said in half an hour, the 30 thousand yuan and 2860 yuan grants to send back together." The little girl did not suspect, according to the liar to complete the relevant operation. Almost half an hour later, to check the money, found that the balance of only 300 yuan. She immediately called to each other, who knows the call before the two phone number, one is not in the service area, one can not connect. "Our family is in financial difficulties, we hope to solve the case as soon as possible to recover the loss." Solve the case, is the best hope of kang. The school will be related to the cost of relief "on the 22 day and three day school, my daughter sent her 16 year old son to the Dali technician college, schools have to pay fees, buy a luggage, spent a total of 3000 yuan. The money, after being cheated, to the village and relatives and friends borrowed." Yesterday afternoon, the 20 day, Kang said, he has been to the liantie township police station, bank remittance fraud when the station has been preserved. Police told him that the probability of money back is very small, they will do their best to investigate, if you can find fraudsters, will inform him. Reporters learned that the local police investigation. Eryuan County Iron Guidan Xiang Niu village secretary Lu Buqing said:""相关的主题文章: