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Golden Week: travel hot behind the cold thinking "- Beijing Guangming Daily reporter Feng Lei in October 8th, Beijing City, Haidian District 51 primary school the third grade classroom, the teacher arranged a writing class –" my golden week". The holiday I went to Anhui Hefei Sanhe Town, where there is a museum, but a lot of people, but this road is a "car", "eleven" holiday, my father and mother went to Shidu, where a lot of people"…… For this holiday, the children have too many memorable memories, but too many people no doubt let travel experience greatly reduced. Blocking the road, in the crowded area, people everywhere scene seems to have become the norm in golden week. "Now the golden week system, the formation of the peak limit. Tourism is the world’s highest peak phenomenon, but the limit is the peak of China’s unique. The peak pressure on the supply side." Wei Xiaoan, Secretary General of China Association of tourism leisure vacation. The limit of the peak test: how to improve the legal system of golden week holiday travel limit of the arrival of the peak in the more violent than expected — in 1999, the first National Day golden week, 7 days the number of trips to 28 million passengers, tourism revenue 14 billion 100 million yuan; this year’s National Day golden week, the domestic tourism market received 593 million visitors, tourism the income of 478 billion 180 million yuan. People is 20 times more than 18 years ago, the income growth of more than 30 times. Needless to say, the tourism income pours behind, we pay the cost — a huge time cost, management cost, hardware cost, social cost, system cost. More importantly, after paying these costs, people did not get a better travel experience and consumer quality. In the face of overcrowded traffic, a lot of scenic spots have been put forward to expand the parking lot. "But it’s the stupidest way to allocate resources in the rush hour." Wei Xiaoan said. As the Spring Festival, many people proposed to rely on improving the transport capacity to solve these problems. However, although the high-speed rail can be alleviated if the spring pressure, the spring peak demand by expanding the railway, then in spring and non golden week period, about 95% of the passenger capacity will be idle, this is undoubtedly a huge waste of resources. How to do? First, from the supply side force, improve the current golden week holiday system. Many experts suggested that should be considered to restore the May Day holiday, thus dispersing the peak peak limit. Two is the implementation of paid leave system. General Office of the State Council as early as 2013 on the introduction of the National Tourism and leisure program (2013 – 2020), proposed to the year 2020, workers paid annual leave system basically implemented. However, the actual situation is that the current implementation of paid leave is about 50%. The implementation of paid leave is relatively good units, mainly in the party and government organs, institutions, large state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and some private enterprises, small and medium enterprises to implement the situation is relatively poor. Some experts also pointed out that although there are provisions of the labor law, but the lack of specific rules and regulations, loopholes in the system has become an obstacle to the implementation of paid leave. Reflection on the free policy: why the effect is difficult.相关的主题文章: