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Goddess and female man, which is your true self? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: very psychological woman man Miss ten: now people like to add a masculine name after the woman’s name. For example, Fan Bingbing called "Fan Ye", called "Xun Zhou Zhou Gongzai, called Li Yuchun called" the spring ", called" Qi brother called Qi Wei"…… In these names, there is a girl who is very powerful, I can Hold live in the world, grasp their feelings. There are also some girls, will claim to be a woman man, I TMD I am a woman man, his own life completely get it, do not need a man…… Have you ever been said to be a woman? What do you think of the part of a woman who has a sense of power? "Female" + "man" strange combination now there are a lot of girls like to call themselves "female man". When a woman claims to be a woman, she may say that I am responsible for my own life, responsible for myself, not dependent, independent and powerful. As a positive sign of the female man, both women’s taste, but also a sense of power of men, androgynous, handsome beautiful. You can describe her with sexy, or you can describe her with handsome. But each person in the heart of each word represents the emotional color is not the same. Some people think that the word "man" also with ridicule, ridicule, criticism of the lack of women that taste. Labeled as "female man", some girls may feel their femininity is denied. I think I have a friend, at the University of the first grade, I think she is a woman, want to praise her. I said: "you must be a good wife in the future." She told me the fire, patting the table, said: my parents hard training I went to college in Beijing, I came to others when the wife!" I later learned that because she is a minority, in the living environment is out of school boys, with family, to change the fate of the ancestral chelseagreat mission. Now, because her family has only one girl, her mother must say to others, "I gave birth to this girl no worse than your son."." She will bear a lot of small families and large families in the traditional sense of the expectations and responsibilities of the boys, she was in such a grown up. At present, there are many such women, they are not allowed to own identity out of the delicate care, can be spoiled shamelessly. From the psychological point of view, in the process of growing up to the father or male identity, and not the result of her individual choice, and sometimes the whole social environment, family values. The part of the woman she agreed to help support her family’s economy or the family, and therefore more practical. Look forward to growing up in a female man, can also be the goddess if part of women, including the above mentioned that "good wife" is a derogatory term for girls, too loyal to their personality in the "man" of this part, may affect her relationship attitude and self expression. For example, the minority girl above, she is at home相关的主题文章: