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Get out the new board of the merchant of Wenzhou IPO scam early experience source: WeChat public "interpretation of the new three board (id:jdxsb888) a lot of IPO scam is quasi listed company, but investors from Wenzhou Mr. C met two listed company has. Initial contact with Mr. C is an intermediary agency in Shanghai Ding Ding, Mr. C is a businessman, the intermediary found his phone through the Alibaba network, how to promote the original stock on how good. Last year, three new board hot moment, Mr. C has been heard, but the beginning of the intermediary does not pay special attention to the rhetoric. Three new board for investors to ask the threshold is relatively high, and Mr. C not to mention two years of investment experience, and even A shares have not been involved. Then said the agency can be underwritten accounts, costs need only ten thousand dollars. Mr. C asked, don’t open intermediary underwritten costs should be more than 20 thousand, thought the thousand dollars is not much, first open an account, after buying the stock. Wenzhou is about 3 hours’ drive from Shanghai, so Mr. C and the others arrive in Shanghai. This is called XX wealth intermediary companies seem to do a lot of, occupy a building in Shanghai, a whole floor. Although the intermediary commitment underwritten account fees than the market price is much lower, but also to become a true. The Shanghai intermediary cooperation is a company specialized in making small three new board loaning account, to Mr. C’s impression is "and the securities company in which people are well", the general can fix things, as long as investors account fees on the line. The first project, Mr. C, a fellow of the land, spent two days in Shanghai with his peers and returned to Wenzhou to hand over a new three board trading account. On the afternoon of the opening of an account, the intermediary clerk recommended a project to Mr. C – the earth. As a businessman, Mr. C think that the style is still cautious, after the opening of the two or three Monday did not ignore the intermediary. In March of this year, the agency once again called Mr. C said, buy Earth Biological stocks can send 10 shares to 5 shares, but to buy before the end of April 1st, if there is no late discount. Ding also said that the earth has signed an agreement to make a commitment to make a market in 2016, in 2017 to turn the board, and if the commitment fails, by listed company to 8% annual interest rate repo. Even more so that Mr. C is practical, he got the cover of the official seal of listed company. In addition, the city board and repurchase commitments, undertaking also wrote "put it down in black and white in the period from March 1, 2016 to March 31st, investors buy shares in companies, enterprises to be unified distribution of shares in April 15, 2016, 10 shares for every 5 shares of distribution." Mr. C’s heart. In March at the end of the day, Mr. C in the whole intermediary under the guidance of the "mutual transfer transaction reporting" bought a number of land biological "yuanshigu", price 3.6 yuan shares. Mr. C did not understand what is the meaning of each transaction, it is not clear who is his counterparty, but he believes that the amount of the transaction intermediary earn 2% commission. The earth is a bio bio diesel production, kitchen waste materials recycling company, in 2015 September listing, the actual control;相关的主题文章: