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"Ghost hospital" to build the hospital Thriller Horror Film – Law Ka Ying premiere entertainment Sohu "ghost hospital" the upcoming September 30th release of the national Sohu entertainment news "ghost hospital" in September 30th is about to build the hospital national release, startling horror. It is reported that the film directed by Yin Guojun, Bianca Bai, Li Changxi, Law Ka Ying, such as the strength of the cast actor starring Meng Peng. "Ghost hospital" viewing from the real Shanghai in a haunted hospital, the film hired experienced makeup team and image design, the combination of Chinese and western, upgrade. In order to have a greater sense of fear, all environmental sounds are completed in a real hospital terror atmosphere. Different from the Western spirits, the movie industry is the combination of Chinese and western, both western horror and bloody sense of traditional Oriental supernatural. The director said: "want is the kind of weird, dark and bloody horror and hospital that visual sense". This "ghost hospital" tells the story of encore with her boyfriend about to go to the hospital, but after her boyfriend into the operation room, but didn’t come out. The anxious Encore began looking, she found nobody in the operation room, and the hospital has become empty. At the same time, the hospital also began a variety of strange, morgue resurrection inferius, corridor flashed the ghost, the underground garage of the monster, her phone came the cries for help, the hospital is like a hell on earth…… The "ghost" is a portrait of the hospital invited Law Ka Ying to join the Hongkong comedy big coffee. He played, mysterious and dangerous "ghost hospital" in the film, shadowy, uncanny gloomy, the hospital is also the key figure of terrorist attacks. According to Law Ka Ying said that the movie first attracted their hospital is overgrown with horror suspense choking sense, so the first time filming of the terror and the hospital theme of horror, is not a small challenge to me.相关的主题文章: