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Germany intends to women provide sexual partner list to clarify the parent-child kinship original title: Germany intends to provide a list of female partner to clarify the relationship between father and son from the father at the convenient back alimony Germany intends to women provide partner list of the German media that it was dubbed the "wild child amendment law" may lead to the dispute, because Germany attaches great importance to personal privacy, the newspaper without permission cannot even print their names. Guangzhou daily news in order to clarify the relationship between father and son, German law will make an amendment ironic. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that the German Ministry of justice is planning to amend the law required to provide sexual partners list for mothers, for his son to be determined in the case of kinship. It is more convenient to ask for alimony, according to reports, the revised law will apply to the thought that he is a father, and bear the responsibility of raising children through the court to seek economic compensation. The law makes it easier for these people to recover alimony from the child’s biological father. The German justice minister Heiko · Mascherano said on Wednesday: "we need to provide more legal protection for those seeking compensation for the fathers." After the amendment of the legal requirements, the mother of the child is obliged to submit "conceived during the sleeping men information". In the case of women only in the case of sufficient reason to be allowed to remain silent, and the reason is sufficient to be decided by the court. If the woman refuses to disclose the information, may face legal proceedings. The claim period is shortened to two years, and if the man thinks he is not a child, he or she can also seek compensation through legal means. But in the law before the amendment, the German Supreme Court had ruled in March 2015, rejected a man asked his wife announced the father name, because there is no legal basis in germany. The judge said the case was closed in, hoping to improve the legislation. The German parliament will then discuss whether to pass this amendment. The amended law also limits the claim period to two years before a similar claim has no time limit. "In a paper published in 2005 in the British Medical Journal" pointed out that the study sample is about 4% of the children by the thought that he was the father of non biological father raised. There are studies, said the proportion reached 10%. (Chemistry) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: