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Gao Liwen breakthrough image plays spicy female taekwondo black belt Tencent entertainment news recently, directed by Diao Yong’s modern military theme of youth idol inspirational drama "soldier assault" is hot shot. Consistent with the lady image shows 90 actress Gao Liwen’s breakthrough image appeared in the character Song Zishan spicy hot and special female taekwondo black belt four fight the king turned. TV drama "soldier assault" is about China first women’s special warfare even after two years of brutal and mysterious hard training in the national army, major and special occasions to perform reconnaissance surveillance, security alert and anti-terrorism raids the arduous task of the story, Song Zishan is not only a character image of spicy hot super will fight. But from the perspective of many mining characters and complex inner world, the emotion course is rich and colorful, is definitely an impressive role. It is reported that playing the role of the four part of the Black Belt Taekwondo, Gao Liwen is undoubtedly a challenge. Before the shooting, Gao Liwen specifically asked the screenwriter, director, choreographer, received special training. She also said, "this role is different from any previous role playing, and play a lot, mostly to show the Taekwondo fight hand to hand with, Vitale, deduce the spicy female temperament and aura, is the biggest difficulty, is a challenge to his career". At present, Gao Liwen also in the crew to accept the guidance of Martial Arts Taekwondo watching video learning, training every day to a very late, desperate to see. As everyone knows, high Liwen genetic mother of the beauty of Wang Ji, was in the Miss Chinese New York division won the "Miss photogenic" award, and proficient in many languages, a performing arts talent. She was in a number of hit TV drama had wonderful performances in Andy Lau, Gong Li starred in "Laomi home marriage" in the guest was amazing to many people; "and" I need to grow up together "" Mom "spy · Lotus" and other TV dramas, with their superb acting, shaping different fresh role. Gao Liwen in the epic drama "marshal" plays Song Meiling, it is to let a person shine at the moment, has aroused widespread concern outside the industry. Look forward to Gao Liwen’s wonderful interpretation in "assault" in women.相关的主题文章: